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MBA for SME Consultants

Grow to become a trusted partner through on-site training

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) account for the majority of businesses worldwide and are important contributors to job creation and global economic development. According to the World Bank, they represent about 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide. With an estimated 600 million jobs needed by 2030 to absorb the growing global workforce, SME development is a high priority for many governments around the world, especially in Japan, where SMEs account for 99.7% of 3.59 million companies, and the workforce employed by SMEs accounts for 70% of the total workforce.
However, SMEs are facing a host of issues such as changes in industrial structure, aging capital investment, stagnant innovation, and lack of successors. As consultants who can propose effective solutions to these problems, SME diagnosticians with a managerial perspective are becoming increasingly necessary.

Students not only study business administration to acquire general knowledge of management, but also to learn how to acquire clients and undergo practical training. Opportunities to diagnose five companies during the two-year MBA program are offered by the NUCB Business School to teach how to ask and answer difficult and pertinent questions. By approaching real businesses facing specific situations not covered in textbooks, students develop the mindset of effective SME diagnosticians. The first step is the MBA for SME consultants.


  • Rie Tanaka

    The methodology opened the possibility to think about the case problem based on the law, the theory and the case precedent. This is something that I could not have achieved by simply studying for the certified tax accountant examination.

    Rie Tanaka
    Double Master

  • Atsuya Shimizu

    You can engage with a group aiming to be tax accountants working on the front line of society - not just a simple tax accountant. This is very exciting.

    Atsuya Shimizu
    Graduate, March 2016
    Yamada & Partners Tax Accounting Firm

  • Mamoru Ichihara

    We have the chance to constantly be inspired by the attitudes of students from various industries that are striving for their respective goals.

    Mamoru Ichihara
    Enrolled September 2016
    Yanagawa Tax Accounting Firm

  • Eiko Sugiura

    It is highly attractive to be able to obtain knowledge that is directly linked to my practical business in the field of tax planning.

    Eiko Sugiura
    Enrolled April 2015

  • Satoshi Oura

    Having the opportunity to exchange with students in diversified industries has created an unparalleled environment.

    Satoshi Oura
    Enrolled April 2016
    AIM Corporation

  • Matej, Slovakia

    I really welcome the opportunity to come here and get hands on experience how Japanese negotiate, how they work, how they communicate, what the hierarchy is and so on.


  • Philip, USA

    Looking at different schools in Japan, I found that NUCB Business School stood out because of its emphasis on a global mindset and developing global leaders.


  • Kavitha, India

    Nagoya is a leading economic market. So I wanted to do my Masters at NUCB Business School.


  • Emi Kataoka

    While sitting in the middle of a lecture one day, I realized that I was surrounded by excellent business people. My desire to step-up resulted in my career change.

    Emi Kataoka
    Enrolled April 2016
    MetLife Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

  • Takeshi Kishigami

    I came to NUCB Business School and my daily lifestyle has changed. I started to think more carefully each and every day by putting myself in an diversified environment.

    Takeshi Kishigami
    Enrolled September 2016

  • Noriko Ishikawa

    We have a wide variety of experiences in each lecture, which provides new awareness so our livelihood is enriched on weekdays, too.

    Noriko Ishikawa
    Toyo Electrical Construction Co., Ltd.

  • Hiroko Matsuzaki

    Practical lectures delivered through various kinds of business cases with excellent classmates have driven me to reach new levels.

    Hiroko Matsuzaki
    Graduate, March 2016
    Koji System Solutions Co.

  • Yusuke Masai

    By using the case method, I realize that I can acquire practical knowledge and a strong sense of know-how by putting myself in the shoes of top management.

    Yusuke Masai
    Graduate, March 2017

  • Aiko Enda

    My classmates and professors are full of enthusiasm and this pushes my motivation beyond imagination. This has been the most interesting experience in my life!

    Aiko Enda
    Enrolled September 2016
    NTT Business Assoc. Co., Ltd.

  • The opportunity to study at NUCB Business School and immerse myself in a multi-cultural environment has been a very instructional, eye-opening and character shaping experience. I was able to expand my global perspective and further develop the skill set necessary to support my career, unleash my true potential and create a bigger impact.

    Rim Lemchachti,
    Fall 2019 MBA

  • An ideal experience to expand your horizons and return to your country with a broader view of the world. With students from all around the globe, learning from the exchange of experiences and differing approaches to business will be an invaluable tool to have during your career.

    William Roebuck, USA
    Spring 2019 MSc
    Zest Corporation
    International Business Director

  • Had I stayed in my home country, I would have missed the opportunity to engage with instructors and students from all corners of the world. Through exposure to new mindsets and ways of thinking, I was able to accelerate my professional development.

    Matthew Kronick, USA
    Spring 2019 MSc

  • Studying at NUCB Business School has both broadened and deepened my perspective on business. Knowledge and experiences shared with students and faculty who are leaders from diverse backgrounds, as well as with local communities, will continue to be valuable for years to come.

    Monica Chinn, USA
    Spring 2019 MBA
    The Boeing Company

  • Besides its internationally accredited program and interactive case method style learning, NUCB Business School also offers networking opportunities with the full-time international students and exchange students from partner schools.

    Ossama Elssalih, Sudan
    Fall 2018 MBA

  • NUCB Business School is a global hub for learning and discussing innovative ideas, while connecting and building relationships with experienced and promising talents from Japan and from around the world.

    Amar R, Canada
    Spring 2017 MBA
    Program Director
    Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation