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MBA for Scientists

Balancing Your Experience to a T with MBA Insights

Experts in HR point to two categories of professionals developed during the postwar growth of the working population: dash-shaped generalists and I-shaped specialists. Recently, T-shaped "generalizing specialists," as popularized by IDEO CEO Tim Brown, have become the solution to workflow bottlenecks that arise from adjusting personnel to meet shifting and various demands.

Through study of business administration, vertical experience is expanded by the insights of peers from a variety of fields and backgrounds, while specializations are complemented by the insights of professors with extensive backgrounds in specific fields. As the demands of the marketplace adapt to changing times, those who aspire to lead are forced to anticipate the requirements of multiple possible futures. Those leaders will be equipped for their evolving roles as technical specialists with MBA insights.


  • Philip, USA

    Looking at different schools in Japan, I found that this school stood out because of its emphasis on a global mindset and developing global leaders.


  • Hiroya Mizuta

    It's a natural environment to think with everything that you do and create an atmosphere for discovery. The faculty inspires students' ambition with knowledge and skills.

    Hiroya Mizuta
    Graduate, March 2016
    Toyota Motor Corporation

  • Hiroko Matsuzaki

    Practical lectures delivered through various kinds of business cases with excellent classmates have driven me to reach new levels.

    Hiroko Matsuzaki
    Graduate, March 2016
    Koji System Solutions Co.

  • Izen Toyota

    I look forward to lectures as I prepare for them, wondering what new perspectives the professor and classmates will have. It's hard to balance work and study, but I can feel myself growing with each subject, and it's a meaningful time that leads to a brighter future.

    Izen Toyota
    Enrolled April 2020
    Microsoft Japan Co.
    Account Technology Strategist

  • Chie Ando

    I enrolled at the NUCB Business School, and I keep asking myself, "What would I do if I were a manager?" I ask myself every day. Through discussions with many different people, I learned to accept different standards of judgment and values, and gained life experience at a very fast pace. It's been the most fulfilling experience I have ever had.

    Chie Ando
    Enrolled September 2019
    Major automotive parts manufacturer

  • In Peru, Japanese culture has had a great impact since the beginning of the last century. Studying an MBA at the NUCB Business School allows me not only to expand my global strategic field of vision, in one of the most prestigious business schools in Asia, but allows me to return to my country with knowledge and valuable tools that will serve me in the future, both in business and in life.

    Oscar Diez, Peru
    Fall 2017 Exchange Student
    ESAN - Graduate School of Business