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Bandai Namco 2020

#Business Model #IP Strategy #Growth Strategy


The world trend has been changing, and consumer’s taste and preference have become very dynamic. As one of the leading entertainment company in the world, Bandai Namco has been investing a lot in the progress of developing their IP and incorporating it as their core strategy. Founded in Tokyo, 1950 by Naoharu Yamashina, it had merge with Namco Entertainment to be one of the top companies in Hobby and Entertainment business. Now Bandai had grown and expanded their business, owning multiple branch and division in America, Europe, China, and Taiwan. The strategy that Bandai utilize and the main theme of this case is the IP Axis strategy. The strategy provides insight on how this strategy helped Bandai in maximizing their Intellectual Property and translating it into their product portfolios to optimize their business performance. The strategy employed by Bandai can be referenced or similar with how Disney, Sanrio, and Marvel works. This case provides strategic view on how using the IP frameworks in shaping Bandai’s IP Strategy, as well as step by step of Bandai’s IP strategy. However, Bandai Namco is facing multiple challenge in expanding their business, such as Covid-19 pandemic that struck the world, international expansion, human resource, and supply chain. The Covid-19 pandemic challenge especially put Bandai Namco’s division some in the red, and some actually reap massive profits from this event. Does Bandai Namco has prepared enough strategy to counter the challenge? How will Bandai innovate and pursue the growth of their business units to suit the future trend of their consumers? As a multinational company, Bandai needs to refocus on their strategy while increasing their market share worldwide.

Detailed information

Case ID 21-1066
Published 2021
Analyzed Area Social enterprise & ethics
Pages 32
Language English
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