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About MATLAB Campus-Wide License

Full-time faculty, staff, and regular students (undergraduate and graduate students) of the University may use MATLAB and related products on their personally owned computers during their enrollment period under the Campus-Wide License.


When using the site, please understand and comply with the following guidelines.

  • Use for educational and research purposes only by students, full-time faculty and staff (personal commercial use unrelated to academics, education, or research is not permitted).
  • Available to all faculty, staff, and students affiliated with the School (undergraduate and graduate levels).
  • There is no limit to the number of computers in which the software can be installed, but it can only be installed on computers owned by the user himself/herself.
  • Access to the Campus-Wide License is available only with a MathWorks account registered with an email address issued by the School.
  • If the contract is not renewed by the School, the user will not be able to use MATLAB and must uninstall the software.
  • If it is determined that the above compliance is not being observed, the account may be deleted or other measures taken to suspend use of the system.

Usage Procedure

1. Go to the School's dedicated MATLAB portal site below and click on "Sign in to start using" and on the "MathWorks Account" screen, click on "Create" to create a "MathWorks Account" with the email address issued by the School. Please refer to the following Startup Guide for Campus-Wide License details.
*Please refer to the contents of the Startup Guide in advance, as it contains instructions on how to create a new MathWorks account, download and install the product, and use the product.

Startup Guide

Dedicated MATLAB portal site for our students

2. You will receive an email from MathWorks asking you to verify your email address and follow the instructions in the email to verify your account.

3. Log in to the MATLAB portal site with your MathWorks account, and you can download the product. For details on installation, please refer to the following page.

Installation and Licensing

4. You will receive an email from MathWorks confirming your license renewal.

Use of MATLAB-related products

The following are available from MathWorks for use.

Online courses in self-study format

Video and Web Seminars


For support in using MathWorks, please use the following support services provided by MathWorks, Inc.
*Please note that technical support (product features, requests for improvements, documentation) is limited to faculty and staff and is not available to students.

Contact MathWorks Support

MathWorks community site "MATLAB Answers" (Q&A posting site)