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Charting a Course: 2022 SDGs Project Day 3

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On November 4th, the third day of the SDGs Project course brought participants together to synthesize their findings from the research and fieldwork conducted on, between, and after days 1 and 2. The session began with case discussion, during which Prof. Goi covered the concept of circular economy for sustainability, while Prof. Hakeem explored how sustainable business models are created.

The latter half of the session had each research group conducting 1 to 1 consultation sessions to workshop their proposals for external stakeholders with the two professors leading the course. Giving a summary of their proposals in short pitches, the participants honed the delivery of their findings and recommendations in order to develop convincing arguments in favor of their suggested courses of action.

With the November 25th deadline for final reports fast approaching and the final presentation day held within the week after on December 1st, project participants are determined to see their seed proposals contribute toward the sustainability symposium to be held after the end of project.

Officials from the city of Ena, which recently featured this project on its homepage, along with representatives from Ricoh Corporation and other NGO stakeholders will attend the symposium, sharing research and trends in the ESG area.

About the SDGs Project

Organized and steered by Prof. Goi and Prof. Hakeem, the SDGs Project course held in the fall brings together a group of international perspectives to address issues in ESG areas brought forth by corporate and governmental stakeholders. The course connects elements of academia and industry, providing parties representing corporate, governmental, and educational interests an opportunity to interact and synergize their skillsets in order to solve urgent issues faced by global business.

Emulating the principles of the "Immersion Experience Project" (IXP) by Harvard Business School, the SDGs Project course employs an exploratory and grounded learning approach through interactions with stakeholders and research done in the field. Data collected through surveys, interviews, and group consultation throughout the fieldwork portion of the course provides a confluence of information sources enabling intensive contextual studies informing the consulting proposals for stakeholders. The course has received awards from the Aichi Association of University Presidents, and has been acknowledged in the Chunichi Newspaper and Keiho Home News.