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Hoe Chin Goi

Department of Business Administration Professor

Hoe Chin Goi


Dr. Goi received a Doctorate degree in Media and Governance at Keio University. His primary research fields include entrepreneurship and design thinking innovation, and he also has rich experience in management research on student-based venture creation at universities. Before his involvement in academic research, he was significantly involved in the private, government, and non-profit sectors in Singapore for more than ten years, serving as a manager in several Community Development Councils. He joined NUCB Business School in 2017, and was appointed as full professor in 2020.

Research Interests

Entrepreneurship, Dynamic Capability, and Design Thinking

Final Education

Ph.D., Keio University

Awards & Honours

  • (2020) AMBA & BGA’s Excellence Awards in 2021-Best Partnership Award (Finalist). Business Graduate Association

Academic Papers

  • Goi Hoe Chin (2021) Design Thinking as a means of Citizen Science for Social Innovation. Frontiers in Sociology, section Sociological Theory
  • Goi Hoe Chin (2018) Relevance of Remote based Design Thinking for social innovation. NUCB Business School INSIGHT 7
  • Goi Hoe Chin (2018) Determinants of Vertical Integration: Investment Efficiency, Product Differentiation and Firm Size. Theoretical Economics Letters Special :2162-2086
  • Goi Hoe Chin (2016) Design of University-based Venture Gestation Program (UVGP) for student venture . Key University Doctoral Program Publication
  • Goi Hoe Chin (2016) Design of a University-Based Venture Gestation Program (UVGP). Journal of Enterprising Culture 24 (1) :0218-4958
  • Goi Hoe Chin (2016) Dynamic Capability for Success of Student Based Gestation Venture. Journal of Association for Policy Informatics 9 (1) :1882-2800


  • (2019) Employing Design Thinking to Develop Innovative Interventions and Solutions for Inclusive Organizations. NUCB Research Fund Co-researcher