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MBA for Tax Accountants

Gain the management perspective to provide solutions toward the formulation of a sound financial strategy

About 20 years ago, tax accountants were the ones who supported small and medium-sized businesses in all aspects of finance and accounting, from bookkeeping to tax filing and payment. However, with the spread of accounting software and the Internet, as well as the improvement of IT literacy among businesspeople, more than a few of these services have become replaceable. In the coming era of AI, 5G, cashless, and blockchain, this trend will accelerate. This is why the next generation of tax accountants will need to be more advanced financial consulting professionals. So, what should one do to become a financial consulting professional for the future?

By studying business administration and mastering management, leadership and marketing, you will gain the same perspective as the managers of the small and medium-sized companies that are your clients. Reading and understanding the meaning of the numbers on the financial statements from the perspective of managers and recognizing the management issues of their clients will bring out the best from your expertise in taxation and accounting, enabling you to provide solutions and be involved in the formulation of management strategies. Through the Certified Tax Accountant MBA program at the NUCB Business School, professionals are trained for the financial consulting work of the future.


  • Rie Tanaka

    The methodology opened the possibility to think about the case problem based on the law, the theory and the case precedent. This is something that I could not have achieved by simply studying for the certified tax accountant examination.

    Rie Tanaka
    Double Master

  • Atsuya Shimizu

    You can engage with a group aiming to be tax accountants working on the front line of society - not just a simple tax accountant. This is very exciting.

    Atsuya Shimizu
    Graduate, March 2016
    Yamada & Partners Tax Accounting Firm

  • Mamoru Ichihara

    We have the chance to constantly be inspired by the attitudes of students from various industries that are striving for their respective goals.

    Mamoru Ichihara
    Enrolled September 2016
    Yanagawa Tax Accounting Firm

  • Eiko Sugiura

    It is highly attractive to be able to obtain knowledge that is directly linked to my practical business in the field of tax planning.

    Eiko Sugiura
    Enrolled April 2015

  • Satoshi Oura

    Having the opportunity to exchange with students in diversified industries has created an unparalleled environment.

    Satoshi Oura
    Enrolled April 2016
    AIM Corporation

  • Yusuke Masai

    By using the case method, I realize that I can acquire practical knowledge and a strong sense of know-how by putting myself in the shoes of top management.

    Yusuke Masai
    Graduate, March 2017

  • Mr. Kazushige Sakai

    In the age of VUCA, the ability to come up with the best answer within a limited time and many constraints is required, and the NUCB Business School fosters this ability. Being able to learn how to think in a way that can be applied to any situation, rather than the only answer based on knowledge, has been a great asset for me.

    Kazushige Sakai
    Enrolled April 2019
    Toyota Motor Corporation
    Chief Accountant / U.S. Certified Public Accountant

  • Mariko Hiraiwa

    Through learning and discussions with professors and peers with diverse backgrounds, I have broadened my perspective on things. By thinking about the essence of things, I feel that my life as well as my work has been enriched.

    Mariko Hiraiwa
    Mar. 2019 Completed
    Accenture Co.
    Strategy & Consulting

  • Satoshi Oura

    It was the best environment that provided me with a unique learning experience when I looked beyond my qualification as a tax accountant and MBA.

    Satoshi Oura
    Graduated March 2018
    Representative Director, Connect Consulting Co.
    Tax Accountant, Real Estate Consultant

  • Takashi Kunisu

    It was an invaluable experience to find an environment where I could engage in serious, friendly competition with my schoolmates from various careers in a strict but fun environment. I learned that there are things that I cannot catch up with even if I try hard, but on the other hand, I was able to find strengths that I need to develop, which has become an asset for me. While constantly challenging myself to do new things, I am pursuing a contribution to the community that only I, as a small business consultant and MBA graduate, can make in my actual business.

    Takashi Kunisu, Completed the course in September 2016, Working for the financial institution