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"To Grow with Customers" - Masatoshi Ogawa


Works at a tax accountant office
Masatoshi Ogawa

PgDip (Certificate Program) Nagoya Campus April 2015, March 2016
Tax Accountant Program Entered in April 2016

After working for a general company, he has been working for a certified tax accountant office for 16 years.
In his work, he is in charge of auditing and provides consulting services to clients on tax accounting and corporate management.

There is an environment that is easy for working people to access.

I am a student at the NUCB Business School from Shizuoka Prefecture. On weekends, when classes are held, I take the Shinkansen and commute 1 hour and 30 minutes each way. At first glance, it sounds like a lot of work, but on the contrary, I think it is the only way I can go to school without interfering with my work since I only have to go on weekends. After all, during the busy season, work finishes late and it is impossible to attend the school continuously on weeknights. Although it is true that it is difficult to attend classes on weekends, as well as to prepare and review for them, the fact that classes are concentrated on weekends is a great system for working people.

International accreditation became a key factor when choosing a school.

I enrolled in PgDip Program with a goal to obtain a tax accountant license. I attended a briefing session when I was considering which school to enroll in after comparing it with other schools where I could apply for exemption from the tax accountant exam. When I learned that the NUCB Business School uses the case method for class management and that the class content cultivates practical skills, I felt that I would be able to use this in my work. I also decided to study at the school because it has acquired international certification, which guarantees that its education is of a high standard and advanced. There is no point in studying obsolete content when I want to have live knowledge to be active as a tax accountant in the future. This international certification convinced me of the fullness and high level of educational content and competitiveness that cannot be measured numerically. The Business School offers a Tax Accountant Program that allows students to earn a degree if they work hard enough, which I think is very attractive. This is something that is not available at other graduate schools, so if you work hard, I think this is a place where you can gain so much more.

To make our clients the company of choice

You may have the image of a tax accountant business that solemnly handles money and taxation according to the law. It is true that taxation and accounting should be done in strict compliance with the law, but business management is a free activity. We would like to be able to give advice to our clients, the business owners, not only by saying, "Tax and accounting laws are this way," but also by suggesting, "How about this management idea? I would like to be able to suggest such ideas. As a tax accountant, I cannot directly provide goods or services, so I am conscious of creating opportunities for business owners. I have asked my clients to put up posters that say, "Let's become the company of choice," and I believe that we can help them develop their business by providing advice to their clients and beyond.

Learning that is useful in practice

In Mr. Takehiko Ito's "Business Presentation" course, we learn the logic tree as a method to organize our thoughts and convey them accurately to others. I have found that learning this technique has dramatically improved my communication skills. Also, by listening to what the other person has to say based on the logic tree, I am able to collect information without omissions. Now, I want to absorb everything I learn in the class, the values I don't have from the students, and the stimulation I receive from the teacher, so I'm trying to eliminate my biases. Once I accept everything, I will chew it up in my own way, and if there is something I don't understand, I will repeatedly ask questions to help myself grow.

For those who are interested in the PgDip program

Information sessions are held on weekday evenings and weekends at our campuses in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka. Please feel free to attend. We also offer individual consultations at any time, so please let us know your preferred schedule. We will contact you shortly.

NUCB Business School is the first business school in Japan to receive double international accreditation (AACSB and AMBA) for its MBA program. The school offers a PgDip ) program that allows students to systematically learn the basics of MBA through interactive live virtual classes.

Taken from: January 2016