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"Every day enriched by learning" - Ms. Kazumi Sai

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Kazumi Sai, NUCB

Worked in Medical Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Ms. Kazumi Sai

PgDip (Certificate of completion) Nagoya Campus April 2016

After graduating from the Department of Industrial Chemistry at Suzuka National College of Technology, she worked in the quality control department of a medical pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Why did you decide to study business?

I want to increase my value.

I have been working for a medical drug manufacturing company since I graduated from school. In the company, employees are trained under the leadership, so I felt a sense of crisis that what I can do, others can do too and that my juniors will overtake me.
Now that we live in an age where women work all the time, even after getting married or having children, I would like to continue working. To continue working as a member of society, I need to develop myself.
So I was wondering what I can do to increase my value and differentiate myself.

I want to get closer to society by learning.

I work in quality control and manufacturing process improvement at a manufacturing plant. When I worked at a factory, I could not directly see the faces of the users of the products, and I felt as if I was far away from society.
I wanted to get closer to society by understanding how our products are positioned in the company's strategy and how they can contribute to the world.
I love my job and I have a policy that I should enrich my work time, which is the most time humans spend outside of sleep.
For the sake of my own growth and my desire to get closer to society, I came to want to study business administration that I can use in my work.

Why I chose NUCB Business School

When I was looking for an environment to study, I learned about the NUCB Business School's PgDip (Certificate of Completion) program. While there are still few graduate schools that offer certificate programs, I was able to place my trust in the fact that the PgDip (certificate of completion) program is based on the certificate system stipulated by the School Education Law.
In addition, if I was going to study, I wanted to take some time to work on it continuously and achieve results. Therefore, PgDip (certificate of completion) was also a good fit for my purpose.
In order to get a feel for the NUCB Business School, I attended an information session and had a mock class where we discussed actual business cases. All classes at the  School are discussion-based, so I decided to enroll in the school because I was attracted to the active class style in which students learn by interacting with others.

To feel your own growth.

Since I entered the school in April, I have taken eight classes. The curriculum is designed so that students can learn the basics of an MBA first, and then learn about finance, marketing, and other fields in an orderly fashion.
At first, I didn't even understand the management terminology used in the classes, but I'm getting used to it now as I build up my understanding one by one.
As I learned more about management, I began to understand how to think from a manager's perspective.
For example, when I receive an instruction from the president, I can understand the background of why the president gave that instruction.
I am also able to talk more quickly with my superiors and speak more logically when explaining things to others.
The content of the Business School is very practical, so I look back on my own work while taking classes and find opportunities to apply what I have learned.

Learning through PgDip (certificate program) is a positive and fulfilling experience.

My classmates include trading company employees and managers from various industries and backgrounds, so it is very interesting to hear their comments based on the characteristics of their work.
In discussions with people from many different industries, I often hear them say that the core competence of management is the product, which reminds me that product quality is of utmost importance, and I feel proud of the work I do in the manufacturing industry.
Now that I have a bigger perspective and a clearer idea of where I stand, I feel closer to myself and society.
Also, my classmates are all very ambitious and forward-thinking, which makes me feel like I am standing taller.
The encouragement I receive from my teachers and the stimulation I receive from my classmates make me feel that I should also make an effort to move forward.
It's hard to prepare for class and I'm struggling to absorb as much learning as possible, but I feel very fulfilled every day since I started PgDip.
I hope to continue to grow and develop in a future-oriented way by learning through PgDip.

For those who are interested in the PgDip Program

We hold information sessions on weekday evenings and weekends at our campuses in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka to introduce the PgDip program and how to attend. Individual consultations are also available at any time.

NUCB Business School is the first business school in Japan to receive double international accreditation (AACSB and AMBA) for its MBA program. The school offers a PgDip (certificate) program that allows students to systematically learn the basics of MBA through interactive live online classes.

Taken from: July 2016