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New Open Seminar

About Online Seminars

In response to the impact of the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), many higher education institutions have introduced distance learning formats. The NUCB Business School has responded by holding a webinar series on the main theme of "Leadership in Turbulent Times." Tohoku University faculty members will share knowledge based on their fields of expertise, research, and practical experience. Any and all participants are welcome to join these open webinars from their homes and offices.

Open Lectures on Business

The NUCB Business School invites leading experts in the Japanese business world to give open lectures on business. The theme of this year's lecture will be "Topics to Watch in the Economic and Social Outlook." The lectures are open to everyone and provide an opportunity for everyone to broaden their knowledge.

Open Lectures on Business at Tokyo Campus

The Business Open Lecture is held at the Nagoya Campus, but in order to reach as many people as possible outside the School, the lecture can also be attended from the Tokyo Marunouchi Campus using the video conference system. The lecturers will deliver live video of their lectures at the Nagoya campus to the Tokyo campus.

Certificate Awarded to Participants

Those who have attended all the business open lectures during the year will receive a Certificate of Completion. Please take the courses throughout the year to gain more in-depth knowledge.

About the Executive Seminar

The main theme of this seminar will be human resources and the way of thinking required in the age of global competition. Our faculty members who teach MBA courses will present their knowledge based on their specialized fields, research, and practical experience. Participants will be able to deepen their understanding of the themes of each field through discussion at all campuses (Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka). The seminar is not only for those who are considering an MBA, but also for those who want to find out what business leaders are required to be in today's age. Participants will gain broad perspectives and fortify their ability to come up with innovative ideas. We look forward to seeing you there.