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《EMBA》Organizational Behavior & Leadership, Professor Haruo Takagi

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In the fall semester of 2020, Nagoya Campus will be operating face-to-face classes, observing ventilation and social distance, and taking thorough measures against viral infection.

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

In this course, students will develop the ability to formulate strategies for marketing communications, one of the components of marketing. While learning the key concepts that are often used in marketing communication strategies, we will also simulate real-world strategy development situations that cannot be handled by simply applying existing concepts.

Marketing for B2B companies

Marketing Communication

On the afternoon of the first day, the class discussed whether or not to expand the "intel inside" campaign in the international marketing business, using a case based on the familiar catchphrase reminiscent of "inside intel inside". We discussed how BtoB companies need to take into account previous failures when expanding, how to communicate the importance of their products to the general public, and how to create branding in order to communicate with customers. How have you chosen to "select value" and "provide (create) value" in marketing, and what have you done in your "value delivery system" to make your customers notice and recognize your value? The students noticed the "value delivery" (i.e., marketing communication) hidden in the catchphrases written in the "Inside Intel Inside" case that they were familiar with. Through the case method, they learned what they should focus on and how they should structure their marketing.

Profile of Visiting Professor Naohiko Oikawa

Naohiko Oikawa joined Dentsu in 1988, where he was involved in planning advertising and public relations campaigns and developing methodologies for the early days of digital marketing. In 2000, he moved to Netyear Group, where he was Senior Vice President and participated in the launch of the strategic Internet professional services business. In 2001, after working for McKinsey & Company, he returned to Dentsu in 2004 and founded creative strategy consulting firms (Dentsu Netyear ABeam and Dentsu Consulting), where he was responsible for developing growth strategies for a wide range of industries, developing new businesses, and restructuring sales models. In 2013, he moved to Applied Predictive Technologies, where he was involved in the launch of the Japan business as Senior Vice President and Japan Representative. In 2019, he became a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Business Administration, Waseda University. He graduated from Keio University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1988, and received his Master's degree from Waseda University Graduate School of Commerce in 2006.