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EMBA × Green Techno 21《Business Analysis》

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Professor Yuko Haga, who is also an independent consultant by profession for major companies, conducted the lecture on "Business Analysis," an EMBA module at Osaka Campus. At NUCB Business School, more than 90% of our faculty members are practitioners who have been active on the front lines of business. They exceed the strict international standards set by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS for practical experience related to their academic fields and publications.

Analyzing Business Models

With the rapid pace of change in the environment, analysis from various perspectives is necessary for decision making. In the lecture, students conducted the essential analysis for case situations, such as industry analysis, analysis of their own management resources, and competitor analysis, think about what actions they would take if they were the manager, understand the theoretical framework of business strategy, and acquire the ability to logically analyze the necessary information. The course deals with cases of alliances, acquisitions, diversification, and business innovation in large companies, and participants will examine strategic decisions made by companies from the standpoint of decision makers.

Business Analysis

On the last day of the class, Prof. Haga discussed the case of Green Techno 21, a venture company that develops and sells upcycled products using eggshells (finding new uses for waste materials and creating higher-value products). At one time, many eco-businesses were in vogue, and failed, but Green Techno 21 was a definite success.

The discussion also covers the factors behind the success of the company, the environment surrounding the eco-business itself, legislation, and social conditions. Afterwards, participants also analyzed the success factors of the company using various analysis tools, and also discussed the future vision of what strategic decisions should be made to achieve further growth in the future.