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EMBA × GE《Strategic Management》

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Professor Osamu Ueda, who is also an independent lawyer and management consultant
conducted the lecture on "Strategic Management," an EMBA module at Osaka Campus in which he provides advice on corporate management from both management and legal perspectives to the participants.

GE's Transformation Over the Past 20 Years: The Leadership of Jack Welch

The purpose of this class is to develop leaders for the new era. By training students to think for themselves how they would respond if they were in the position of a manager when faced with a crisis or emergency situation, they will acquire the ability to be a leader who can respond to various situations faced in management.

「Strategic Management」植田統教授

On the first day of lecture, Prof. Ueda discussed various changes that have taken place over the past 20 years at General Electric (GE), when Jack Welch was CEO.

In order to gain a relative insight into these foreign companies, the lecture began by comparing the changes in Japan's socio-economic situation and the attitudes of industrial workers in Japan and overseas. Professor. Ueda asked the participants about the background and intentions of Welch's corporate reforms and the appropriateness of his leadership development.

The discussion continued to analyze the current industrial situation and challenges due to the pandemic and participants shared their opinions and solutions and responded with lively discussions based on their own experiences.

COVID-19 infection prevention measures

We continue to operate classes with thorough measures to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, including thorough disinfection and temperature checks upon entering the building, maintaining social distance with seating arrangements, and keeping the classroom entrances and exits open and using circulators for thorough ventilation.