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  6. 2nd Meeting of the Case Translation Network Held at Tokyo Campus

2nd Meeting of the Case Translation Network Held at Tokyo Campus


The 2nd Case Translation Network meeting was held at the Tokyo Marunouchi Campus in the midst of a thorough prevention of infection by the new coronavirus (COVID-19). The new coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced us to make major changes in our lives. New norms, such as changes in work styles and lifestyles that were previously unimaginable, are blending into our daily lives. In this session, we discussed the various changes and transformations that are occurring on the front lines of business, using two cases as our subjects. Both cases were presented by Shiho Okamura and Mari Kashiwamura, both of whom are enrolled in our tax accountant training program, and were based on their own companies. The second case, "SWOT Analysis of Elm Corporation - Strengths and Weaknesses," was about Elm Corporation, the largest certified tax accountant corporation in the area, founded in 1971. Ms. Kashiwamura is also a director of the company, so she also spoke about management as seen from a woman's perspective. Each discussion session in the network provides a valuable time for the various participants to actively exchange opinions and discover great insights and sharing.

Profile of Kazuo Nozaka, Associate Professor

Prof. Nozaka graduated from Waseda University, Faculty of Commerce. While working at Asahi Audit Corporation (Arthur Andersen) and KPMG (KPMG), he was engaged in statutory audits such as Financial Instruments and Exchange Law audits, Company Law audits, and School Corporation audits, as well as SEC audits, IFRS audits, and due diligence. During his tenure at the audit firm, he obtained a master's degree in commerce from the Graduate School of Commerce, Waseda University, and withdrew after completing the doctoral program. After that, he became an assistant professor at the Graduate School of Accounting, Waseda University. After retiring from an auditing firm, he started his own business and is currently the representative of Nozaka Certified Public Accountant and Licensed Tax Accountant Office. In addition, he has been engaged in audits of social welfare corporations, labor unions, NPOs, and comprehensive external audits of local governments. He is a certified public accountant, a U.S. certified public accountant (New York State), and a licensed tax accountant. D. (Commerce) from Waseda University. D. in Commerce from Waseda University. His major publications include "Accounting Policy Selection Behavior of Retirement Benefit Accounting" (Kunimoto Shobo; JICPA Academic Award - Member's Special Award), "Accounting Policy Selection Behavior of Discount Rate in Retirement Benefit Accounting - Discretionary Selection Behavior, Horizontal Selection Behavior and Level Optimization Selection Behavior -Discretionary Selection Behavior, Lateral Selection Behavior, and Level Optimization Selection Behavior in Retirement Benefit Accounting" (Management Accounting; Japan Society of Management Accounting Incentive Award).