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Shinichi Takeuchi


Shinichi Takeuchi


Prior to pursuing a career in academia, Dr. Takeuchi was actively engaged in business administration and human resource development at Mazda Motor Corporation. He has extensive achievements in the organizational implementation of the case method in both academic and business settings. He joined NUCB Business School as a full professor in April 2018 and was appointed as the Director of the Case Center Japan in September 2019. Dr. Takeuchi is also the founder and representative director of Case Method Laboratory, Inc. which specializes in capacity development through the case method, and has published a number of books, academic publications, and articles on case method education.

Research Interests

Case Method Education, Management for Teaching and Learning

Final Education

Ph.D., Hiroshima University

Academic Papers

  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2021) A Study on the Feasibility of "Exploratory Learning" : Using Case Method and Out-of-School Education System. Bulletin of the Faculty of Education, Shizuoka University. Educational research series 53 :0286732X
  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2021) An Attempt to Reconstruct ‘Moral Education Based on the Case Method of Teaching’: Based on Four Approaches: Online Class Delivery, Out-of-School Education System, Cooperation with Education NPO’s, and Student Participation in Teacher Education Programme. Bulletin of the Center for Educational Research and Teacher Development, Shizuoka University 31 :13480707
  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2021) Active learning in Japan: Breaking barriers at individual, institutional, and policy levels. Policy Futures in Education
  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2020) The demise of active learning even before its implementation? Instructors’ understandings and application of this approach within Japanese higher education. Education Inquiry :ISSN 2000-4508
  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2020) Institutional Practices of Online Classes at Nagoya University of Commerce & Business. IDE(Institute for Development of Higher Education) 623 (8) :0389-0511
  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2020) Instructors’ understanding, practices, and issues regarding the use of the case method in higher education. Further and Higher Education
  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2019) A study on a principal who directed moral education practice by case method: Through extracting of the educational practice foundation formed inside the leader from the narrative. Bulletin of Faculty of Education, Shizuoka University. Kyoka kyoiku series. (51)


  • (2018) Reconstruction of teacher training method to accelerate moral education in the era of "curriculum". Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Co-researcher
  • (2018) Development of Teacher Educator Training Models for Global Advancement of Teaching Profession. Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research(B).Co-Investigator.. Hiroshima University. Co-researcher

Book & Case Publishing

  • Shibata Yoshiyuki (2022) Industrial Health and Nursing. Medica syuppan
  • Nakamura Michitaro, Kamazuka Yuko, Takeuchi Shinichi (2022) Inquiry Learning and The Case Method - New challenges for building classes for educational innovators -. Gakuji Shuppan
  • Tanaka Maria, Sugita Hirotaka (2021) Colloquium Teaching Course Volume 7 Moral Education. Kyoudousyuppan
  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2020) LIXIL Group Corporation: Building a New Company in an Old Industry.
  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2020) Mary Griffin at Derby Foods.
  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2020) Karen Leary (A).
  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2020) Karen Leary (B).
  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2020) Karen Leary (C).
  • Shinichi Takeuchi (2020) Name Your Price: Compensation Negotiation at Whole Health Management (A).
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  • Nakamura Michitaro, Kamatsuka Yuko, Takeuchi Shinichi, Okada Kanako (2018) Moral Education through Deep Discussion: Introduction to Case Method Instruction Practices. gakujisyuppan
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