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Dr. Frendy received a Ph.D. and a Master’s degree from the Graduate School of Economics at Nagoya University in Japan. He obtained a B.S. in Economics (Honors) in Accounting from the Faculty of Economics and Business at the Universitas Gadjah Mada in Indonesia, as well as a United States Certified Public Accounting (CPA) license from the State of Illinois. His research interests include Japanese corporate governance, audit market competition, and financial disclosure. He has published articles in high-ranked international accounting journals, including the Journal of Contemporary Accounting and Economics, and the Asian Review of Accounting. Dr. Frendy’s profile also includes service as an ad hoc reviewer for the Asian Review of Accounting, and a background as an audit associate at KPMG Indonesia.

Research Interests

Corporate Governance, Capital Markets, Auditing and Accounting

Final Education

Ph.D., Nagoya University

Academic Papers

  • Frendy (2023) Digitalization in management accounting systems for urban SMEs in a developing country: A mediation model analysis. Cogent Economics & Finance 11 :2332-2039
  • Frendy (2023) Employing String Similarity Metrics of Partners to Estimate Audit Team Continuity: Determinant and Its Effects on Audit Outcomes and Pricing. Journal of Accounting Literature :0737-4607
  • Frendy (2023) Regional Sustainable Development Using a Quadruple Helix Approach in Japan. Regional Studies, Regional Science
  • Frendy (2022) Using Fuzzy TOPSIS and Balanced Scorecard for Kaizen Evaluation. Business Systems Research
  • Frendy (2022) Examining the fraud diamond theory through ethical culture variables: A study of regional development banks in Indonesia. Cogent Business & Management 9 (1)
  • Frendy (2022) Application of learning organization 2.0: a case study of Ricoh Ena Forest Japan. The Learning Organization
  • Frendy (2022) Stock Jump, Underperformance and Undervaluation: Evidence from Emerging Market. International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance
  • Frendy (2022) Bridging Academics’ Roles in Knowledge Diffusion in Sustainability‐Driven Public–Private Partnerships: A Case Study of the SDGs Workshop in Central Japan. Sustainability
  • Frendy (2021) Determinants of Real Earnings Management in A Developing Economy: The Risk Structure and Audit Quality. International Journal of Business, Humanities, Education and Social Sciences 3 (1) :2685-0931
  • Frendy (2020) The Relevance of the Keiretsu Affiliation on Disclosure Quality in Contemporary Japanese Economy. Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics
  • Frendy (2019) How Does the Revelation of Olympus Fraud Affect Japanese Auditor’s Reputation?. NUCB Insight 8
  • Frendy (2018) Big N and Non-Big N Audit Pricing Competitiveness in Japan during transition from Big 4 to Big 3 Period. Open Journal of Accounting 7 (1) :2169-3412


  • (2022) Greenwashing in Japanese Corporations: Measurement, Determinants, and Financial Reporting Impacts. JSPS Primary Researcher
  • (2020) The Effect of the Big 4 to Big 3 Audit Market Transition on Initial Year Audit Fee, Client Bargaining Power, Audit Quality and Client Following Audit Partners. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Primary Researcher

Book & Case Publishing

  • Frendy (2023) Java Education Center – First Quarter Challenges. NUCB Publishing.
  • Hoe Chin Goi, Muhammad Mohsin Hakeem, and Frendy (2023) Education and Sustainable Development Goals. MDPI