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5th meeting of the Family Business Network

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Business succession

The fifth study session was held by the Family Business Network. This time, the workshop was held in a hybrid format, and participants were able to join online as well. In addition to graduates and current students of the NUCB Business School, undergraduate students (BBA majors) from NUCB Undergraduate School who are interested in business succession also participated, for a total of 24 participants, who engaged in lively discussions on the case dealing with the "family business dilemma," which was the theme of the workshop. We had a lively discussion on the case dealing with the "family business dilemma," and deepened our understanding of the peculiarities of corporate governance in family businesses.

This time, Mr. Hiroshi Kamano, who completed the EMBA program in March 2021, was the presenter and presented a case dealing with a management dilemma faced by the protagonist in a so-called family business where the protagonist is the vice president and his cousin is the president. The dilemma faced by the protagonist is: "Should the protagonist, who is effectively the vice president of the company, tolerate the fact that the president of his cousin's company, who is the controlling shareholder of the company, is absorbed in another business that he started personally and is spending the company's funds in an uncontrolled manner? Should I admonish him? "Can I admonish him in the first place? "How can I admonish him?" "How can I admonish him? How can we admonish them? The participants expressed their opinions from various perspectives, such as, "Even if he is a cousin, the president has the power of shares to dismiss him (vice president) at will," and "Even if he is the president, he should not manage the company, which is a highly public business in a regional city, freely. The study session on business succession network reaffirmed the special nature of corporate governance in family businesses, and the difficulty and importance of communication among family members involved in management.

About the Family Business Network

Not only family businesses, but also graduates, current students, and faculty members of the NUCB Business School who are interested in various matters related to family business succession will hold active study sessions, with everyone viewing it as their own business issue.