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Report on a meeting of the Learning Network

The 22nd study meeting of the "Learning Network," one of the networks of alumni of NUCB Business School, was held online on January 16, 2024, with 39 participants. We invited Mr. Akira Sato, President of Gift & Share LLC, as a speaker and discussed "Positive Psychology" as the theme of the meeting.

Positive psychology, a new psychology on the theme of happiness, is quite different from positive thinking. It is a scientific method for realizing sustainable, rather than transient, happiness by valuing negativity as well. Its applications range from mental and physical health to education, corporate management, education, and policy, and in the business world in particular, it has been reported to be effective in "increasing innovation and creativity by 300%," "reducing burnout by 25%," and "increasing sales by 37%," among others. Unlike pop psychology or self-help, Positive Psychology is a psychology derived from a vast amount of statistics, various verifications, and research, and participants commented that it provided them with a good opportunity to reflect on themselves and that they felt refreshed the day after the workshop.

About the Learning Network

This is one of the official networks established by alumni of NUCB Business School.
It is a network for current students and alumni to deepen each other's learning by sharing their own learning and skills as output. We are looking for people who not only participate but also output. In this network, you can learn not only from the inputs in the classes but also from the outputs.