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Meeting of the Research Career Network (How to Become a University Professor: A Practical Guide)

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The "Research Career Network," one of the networks for graduates of the NUCB Business School, held a study session on Tuesday, February 13, with Mr. Shinichiro Ando as guest speaker on the theme of "How to Become a University Professor: A Practical Approach.

Mr. Shinichiro Ando is a graduate of the EMBA program and has also completed the Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Training Course. In this study session, Mr. Ando explained how he first became aware of the possibility of becoming a university faculty member after completing his EMBA, how he wrote and presented a joint research paper with his supervisor at the university, his experience as a lecturer at a vocational school, and how his experience teaching specialized subjects as a visiting lecturer for our Small and Medium Enterprise Management Consultant Training Course in 2022, as well as his experience teaching on the faculty, can He talked about how his teaching experience is not only useful in his main job, but also how what he has learned in his main job has been useful in his teaching.

Mr. Ando also mentioned that it is important to spread the word around that you want to teach because you never know where teaching opportunities may lie, that expanding your personal network is a shortcut to becoming a teacher, and that through his EMBA studies, he became aware of "efficiency" in everything he does. He also talked about how important it is to be efficient in one's main job and teaching on the side.
The participants showed a lot of interest in Mr. Ando's dual role as a "visiting lecturer" and his main job.

At the end of the workshop, a question-and-answer period was held, during which he also introduced some of his tips for teaching and an example of the process of becoming a teacher.
This study session proved to be a very useful time for those who are seeking careers as practicing teachers or visiting teachers at educational institutions.

About the Research Career Network

The Research Career Network is a place to exchange information for those who are considering a career in academia, such as a doctoral degree or visiting professorship, based on academic achievements (academic papers and conference presentations), while working at a company. With an eye on the establishment of a doctoral program at the NUCB Business School, our faculty members, who have the mindset to encourage our graduates to obtain a doctoral degree and the prospect of obtaining an academic post, will provide practical advice.