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EMBA × LVMH《Corporate Mission & Strategy》

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Professor. Mitsuyori Miyake conducted the lecture on "Corporate Mission & Strategy," an EMBA module at Osaka Campus. Prof. Miyake is an experienced practitioner with more than 30 years as a principal consultant at the Japan Research Institute. He has taught a wide range of subjects, including systematic human resource management, mergers and acquisitions, board of directors reform, capacity building and human resource development at major corporations.

Learning Brand Business Strategy from the LVMH Case Study

As the business environment is undergoing major changes which also have an impact on business performance for companies. In the lecture, based on past corporate actions of businesses restructuring and industry reorganization, and examples of many companies that adopted growth strategies was discussed, along with how they should act for their survival and development. The participants worked in groups to develop their decision-making and strategy-building abilities as members of real corporations.

On the third day of class the case of Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton (referred to as LVMH) was discussed. Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Kenzo are all familiar brands, but not many people may know that they are all part of the LVMH group.

The CEO, Bernard Arnault, has built LVMH into what it is today by using the concept of M&A strategy that is unorthodox in the brand industry, which is dominated by long-established family businesses.

While many global brands are in the doldrums, how did LVMH achieve success with its business model and what kind of strategy should be developed to create and expand the brand?

Professor Mitsuyori Miyake said, "In your imagination, you can destroy as many companies as you want”. Throughout the four days of classes, the participants deepened their understanding of the significance of corporate existence, corporate strategy, and the leadership of corporate top management through real-life examples.

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