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  7. The 3rd Freelance Network meeting was held simultaneously at the Tokyo School and online.

The 3rd Freelance Network meeting was held simultaneously at the Tokyo School and online.

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The 3rd Freelance Network was held simultaneously at the Tokyo Marunouchi Campus and online. The event was hosted by Professor Kitahara and featured MBA graduates and current students from Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, as well as freelancers and entrepreneurs from outside the School.

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The theme of the third session was "How to consider opening a business", and two speakers gave talks on their own preparations for opening a business. Ms. Harumi Kimura, who is currently enrolled in the EMBA program at the school, shared her experience of participating in study groups and making careful preparations in order to examine her own strengths and services for opening a business. Next was Mr. Shinya Kasai of Timmy Corporation, who, in contrast to Ms. Kimura, talked about how he gradually expanded his skills and network through trial and error, starting from where he could.

In the network, there are three research teams of volunteers, and we reported on the progress of their research results. Through these activities, we can see that there are various types of issues that need to be addressed that are unique to freelancing and double-jobs, and that there is still potential information that is worth sharing among freelancers in order to run a more fulfilling business.

About the Freelance Network

The Freelance Network will conduct research on the actual situation of freelance work, design a system for freelancing while working for a company, and solve problems faced by freelancers through research and study, information sharing, implementation of problem solving, and networking. It is a place for the study of freelance networks, research and practical activities contributing to companies and society.