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  7. The 2nd Annual Freelance Network meeting was held virtually

The 2nd Annual Freelance Network meeting was held virtually

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The 2nd Freelance Network was held virtually. The workshop, titled "Meet & Mingle," was hosted by Professor Kitahara and was attended not only by current students and graduates of the MBA program at the Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya campuses of the School, but also by freelancers and entrepreneurs from outside the School. In the second session, we discussed how to think about the theme of "Self-Marketing for Freelancers and Multi-Employers."

We invited Mr. Nobuki Kono, the representative director of Marorare Corporation, who has created many encounters between freelancers as a community manager of a prominent co-working space and a community of freelancers, to share his opinions on the transition of marketing for freelancers and the future of the profession. We asked him about the transition of freelance marketing and the future of the profession. There was also an interesting speech from a current student who is working on a double job as a YouTube user, about how to develop lean content and gain viewers in the digital world.

The number of freelancers in Japan is increasing year by year, and there are currently more than 10 million freelancers. Dr. Kitahara, the organizer of this network, talked about his expectation for the future working style, where teams and organizations are born from the connection of freelancers, and an advanced discussion on working style was expanded.

About the Freelance Network

The Freelance Network will conduct research on the actual situation of freelance work, design a system for freelancing while working for a company, and solve problems faced by freelancers through research and study, information sharing, implementation of problem solving, and networking. It is a place for the study of freelance networks, research and practical activities contributing to companies and society.