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Yasutomi Kitahara


Yasutomi Kitahara


Professor Yasutomi Kitahara graduated from the School of Science in Applied Mathematics at Tokyo University of Science and also completed the coursework for his doctorate at the School of Asia Pacific Studies, Waseda University. He established an IT company after he worked as a systems engineer and as a management consultant for a computer manufacturer in Japan and the U.S. (1993). Since the establishment of his own business, he has conducted research and has been involved in education and consultation in the field of software by focusing on two domains; group communication and strategic decision-making. The groupware 'Web Hello' that he developed won the good design prize in business software. In the field of strategic decision-making, he worked on value evaluation and simulation of business value and the risk for new business plans and development projects. He also developed software to assist in learning venture strategy development methodology (DDP), invented by the Professor Macmillan at Wharton Business School.

He has been a lecturer at Waseda University Business School since 1998, and also worked as a part-time instructor at Tokyo University of Science Graduate School of Innovation Studies. He is also a part-time instructor at Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology. In addition, he has participated in many company training session in the areas business value evaluation, strategic decision making, innovation and originality, and teamwork. He is also conducting research at the Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies at Waseda University on the effects of visual manipulation using a dynamic financing model on the quality of decision-making in business strategy.

Research Interests

Decision Management, Creative Thinking, Entrepreneurship

Final Education

Ph.D., Waseda University

Awards & Honours

  • (2019) Encouragement Award. Development Engineering

Academic Papers

  • Yasutomi Kitahara (2019) Effectiveness of non-expert idea creation activities for product development. Development Engineering 39 (1)
  • Yasutomi Kitahara (2017) How can business schools teach innovation?. Development Engineering 37 (1)


  • (2019) Effectiveness of corroboration by expert and non-expert in idea generation for new product development. Primary Researcher