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Our MBA is the only program in Japan to have earned all three major international accreditations for management schools (AACSB, EQUIS, and AMBA) and has consistently been ranked first in Japan by QS and FT, the world's top MBA rankings. Our school uses the case method in all of its courses, with in-class discussion facilitated by experts in their fields. 80% of our faculty members are researchers with experience as practitioners who, by applying their knowledge gained from both practice and research in the classroom, deliver programs in both Japanese and English that provide students with learning directly related to their careers.

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Case Method

The Case Method is a learning method rapidly made famous by Harvard's "Incandescent Classroom." As a pioneer of Case Method education, NUCB Business School contributes toward its research and development. To enhance the quality of teaching methods, we established the Center for Case Methods as an authority for educators and case developers to share best practices in the classroom. The center's mission is to translate top-quality cases developed worldwide, and, more importantly, organize workshops conveying the value and attraction of Case Method education to many educators.

Alumni Voice

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  • Anton Golukhov

    The MBA at NUCBBS been a great opportunity to meet interesting people from different places.

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    Anton Golukhov, Russia
    Class of 2024 MBA

  • Kouhei Yamamoto

    My experience at NUCB Business School cultivated three invaluable attributes within me: knowledge, taking action, and being a person.

    • Voices

    Kouhei Yamamoto, Japan
    Major Foreign Automotive Parts Manufacturer
    Class of 2023 MBA


  • Phelokazi Ndlebe

    At NUCB Business School, you come in and you leave different. You are encouraged to think critically and strategically in decision making coupled with real-life problem solving skills that anchor an innovative ethical business leader in society.

    • Voices

    Phelokazi Ndlebe, South Africa
    Eskom Holdings SOC Limited
    Class of 2023 MBA

  • Chad Balser

    Networking with individuals from diverse backgrounds and life experiences has been one of the most eye opening and mind broadening opportunities.

    • Voices

    Chad Balser, USA
    Class of 2023 MBA

  • Akansha Sampat

    The best part about NUCB Business School was that I came in as a raw individual and left with an entirely different personality. The case method has a very positive influence on a person in their career.

    • Voices

    Akansha Sampat, India
    Class of 2023 MiM

  • Agata

    At NUCBBS, you can fulfill potential even you yourself weren't aware you had. Case method challenges you to think differently and look at the issues from wide variety of angles.

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    Agata, Russia
    Class of 2024 MiM

  • Christian Parraga

    When deciding on a Master's degree program, it was important that the professors have practical experience. Through the program here, I hope to gain curated insights from experts in their respective fields.

    • Voices

    Christian Parraga, Ecuador
    Class of 2022 MBA

  • Tomoe Nakagawa

    It was a valuable experience to be in an environment where I could compete seriously with other students with various careers. I have learned there are things I cannot achieve despite my best efforts, but at the same time have discovered my own assets which I value and can improve upon. Now, I continually challenge myself to something new, making the best contribution to my business which, as someone who has obtained the SME management consultant qualification and MBA, I am now able to do.

    • Voices

    Tomoe Nakagawa
    Completed the program in September 2017
    Working for a major consulting firm

  • Kishore Kumar François

    Interacting with a diverse group of peers and faculty in the MBA will deepen your understanding of international issues, organizational opportunities, and business challenges. As a generation of change leaders, you will develop a leadership attitude that considers diverse perspectives and societal needs in order to foster a sustainable, diverse, and inclusive world.

    • Voices

    Kishore Kumar François, France
    Class of 2022 MBA
    Kurimoto Educational Institute

  • Alan Lapira

    Apart from learning more about marketing and international business strategies, the diversity of students enrolled in my program allows me to discover others' points of view and open my mind.

    • Voices

    Alan Lapira, France
    Fall 2020 MSc

  • Kosuke Ueda

    The people in the discussion group are from various industries and various job positions. You need to be logical and plain when expressing your opinion to be treated as an equal peer and get the agreement. I came to focus not only on the theory but also on the way to utilize and communicate.

    • Voices

    Kosuke Ueda, Completed the program in September 2017, Working at a major IT company

  • Yaoki, Japan

    Classmates are well diversified in nationality, industry, and experience. Hence, I can learn a lot and broaden my perspective.

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  • Maxime Ferreira Rodrigues

    Coming from a lecture-style university, This school changed my view of how education works. I really enjoyed group and class discussions where learning is mostly achieved through your peers.

    • Voices

    Maxime Ferreira Rodrigues, France
    Fall 2022 Exchange

  • Thomas Bendaoud

    The true strength of the program is its teaching method that fosters participation among its students of various backgrounds hailing from all over the world. This leads to meaningful interactions that are priceless in the current business landscape, developing my acumen for doing business on a global scale.

    • Voices

    Thomas Bendaoud, France
    Fall 2020 MSc

  • Noriko Ishikawa

    We have a wide variety of experiences in each lecture, which provides new awareness so our livelihood is enriched on weekdays, too.

    • Voices

    Noriko Ishikawa
    Toyo Electrical Construction Co., Ltd.
    Class of 2017 EMBA


Academic Programs

  • Executive MBA

    The Executive MBA aims to train executive leaders. We cultivate a core group of managers from various organizations, including executives, SME managers, entrepreneurs, and consultants driven to lead with the Executive MBA.


  • MBA

    The MBA aims to train “innovation talent” to create new value in enterprises. The strength stems from a concrete understanding of innovation that includes enterprise, community, and individual levels and MBA skills.


  • MSc Management

    MSc in Management aims to train leaders at globally-minded enterprises who will be the core of management – including family business owners, entrepreneurs, consultants, managers of SMEs, and venture companies.


  • MSc Taxation

    The program aims to train tax accountants who can contribute to sustainable economic development by forging a connection between companies and society through expert taxation, accounting, and management skills.


  • Postgraduate Diploma

    We offer a PreMBA (PgDip in Business Administration) that can be taken over weekends throughout the year as a preparatory course for an MBA education or as a lifelong learning experience for working professionals.


  • Focused Program

    Our school offers postgraduate certificate courses taught in Japanese and English, which can be taken on weekday evenings and weekends in a live virtual format, covering the MBA essentials most useful to management professionals.



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Download materials that comprehensively introduce programs of study, employment, and international exchange at the NUCB Business School, as well as materials that introduce in detail the schedule and examination subjects of last year's entrance examinations, a collection of entrance examination questions, entrance examination data, and entrance qualification examination forms.

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