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Focus on Family Business for Chulalongkorn Study Tour

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Our school welcomed MBA students from Chulalongkorn Business School to Japan for a three-day program that included lectures, presentations, and a visit to Maruya Hatcho Miso: a centuries-old, family-owned and -operated producer of miso paste, used often in Japanese cooking. Chulalongkorn Business School is one of Thailand's top institutions and a proud exchange partner of NUCB Business School. Chula MBA students, led by Associate Professor Kanis Saengchote, visited our campus in Nagoya for the second year in a row to discover the secret to the longevity and success of Japanese family business.

Lectures held by Prof. Kenji Yokoyama, our Dean for External Relations and expert in the field of family-owned enterprise, provided frameworks for participants to better understand the practitioner perspectives encountered during their company visit and the presentation given by guest speaker Seiya Kato, CIO of Sanen Securities, who shared his experience and struggles with business succession concerns.

The visit from Chulalongkorn Business School marks the first of many to take place in academic year 2024. Providing a gateway through which exploration of Japanese business and culture can be possible is one way our school connects with other world-class institutions and develops relationships with Japanese businesses seeking international exposure. These collaborative programs build bridges that connect our students with the wider world, fostering innovation and cultural exchange.