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Textiles, Transmissions, and Tomorrow: Exploring Toyota's history at TCMIT

Students of our institution come to Japan thirsting for knowledge-- not just on business, but also on Japanese history and culture. Finding ways to attend to both of these interests inspires learning experiences that are holistic, informed by historical and cultural context, but also applicable to business universally and in the future.

This week, our students journeyed to the Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology, located one stop away from Nagoya Station. There, interactive and informative exhibits allow them to experience the development of the famous firm by reliving its storied past, and exploring its current importance to business in Japan with insights into its production and manufacturing processes.  

Outings such as these afford students of our institution the chance to get out of the classroom and use all their senses to experience the businesses that define innovation. One of the most important lessons the Japanese MBA teaches is that understanding history is the key to identifying opportunities for present-day innovation. The story of Toyota leading up to the present day, showcased and explained through the many exhibits of TCMIT, reveals the importance of adaptability and taking chances in order to anticipate the market and serve humanity's best interests "just in time."