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Business Anaylsis in Healthcare

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In healthcare business, economics thinking is becoming important. Health technology assessment (HTA) is based on traditional economics methods that is used to evaluate public projects including road constructions. Many health policies including tax system for promoting R&D and price maintenance premium (innovation premium) that significantly affect healthcare business are also based on economics. Therefore, we need to learn economics thinking to understand and forecast healthcare market.

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Masaoki Tamura




In the healthcare market, the role of price is quite different from other markets. You will gain an understanding of pricing in the healthcare marketplace through healthcare provider revenue and Health Technology Assessment (HTA).


The healthcare marketplace must capture and control the highly complex behavior of patients and consumers. Behavioral economics is a powerful tool for this purpose. We will discuss patient behavior and learn how behavioral economics can be applied to the healthcare market.



  • Healthcare and Credit Cards 2019
  • Takeda Pharmaceuticals Europe 2011


  • Express Scripts: Promoting Prescription Drug Home Delivery
  • Cancer Screening in Japan: Market Research and Segmentation

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  • It was a well-balanced class that touched on the latest topics and incorporated patient psychology and other aspects of the difficult specialty of medical technology assessment.

    Healthcare 30s Female

  • There were many things that can be applied to other fields rather than focusing on medicine, and the enthusiasm of the professor was evident and the pace of the course was enjoyable.

    Professional 30s Female

  • I thought that behavioral economics was wonderful. It was easy to understand the difficult economic evaluation of health care.

    Professinal 40s Male

  • The time schedule, the balance between discussion and lecture, and the response to comments were all excellent.

    Professinal 30s Male

  • Thank you very much for the two days.

    Sales 20s Male

  • Learn about economics specific to health care. Also, the quizzes are appropriately challenging and fun to exercise your mind.

    Healthcare 30s Female

  • Day 1 was a hot topic in the healthcare industry, and Day 2 was a quick and extensive way to learn about general consumer sentiment that is based on healthcare and can be applied in any industry. Thank you for 2 days.

    Healthcare 30s Male

  • Professor Tamura's lecture was still interesting. I am particularly interested in consumer psychological knowledge. Until now, I haven't thought deeply about the services I use on a daily basis, but when I use those services in the future after lectures, why are they set up like this? It's easy to think about how I feel as a consumer. It was an interesting lecture. Thank you for your lecture.

    Professinal 30s Male

  • It was very easy to understand based on behavior change and human psychology not only in medical personnel but also in business. It was also very easy to understand in the one-point economics in the form of a quiz. In addition, I was impressed by the ingenuity of actively changing members and making a profit even though it was difficult to communicate online. I would like to take a lecture by Professor Tamura again. Thank you very much.

    Sales 40s Male

  • The teacher's time control ability was excellent and the class was completed without any stress. The lesson content was more basic than the EMBA class, but it was also very useful for organizing my mind because I had a lot of vague knowledge.

    Sales 30s Female

  • In addition to the healthcare business, there were lectures on psychological behavior and calculation methods, and the lessons were very rich and enjoyable, and I could often make use of them in my work. Mr. Tamura's lecture was very easy to understand.

    Professinal 20s Male

  • I was able to study fields that are difficult to study, such as cost-effectiveness, even in the medical field. I'm glad I could do it in class because I can't do what I want to do unless I do it myself. I was able to acquire knowledge about behavioral economics. The idea of ​​avoiding loss was particularly impressive, and when I proposed to cancel my project, I said that it would be a good deal if I stopped it now, but I felt that it would be better to say that I would continue to be sly and lose so much. I would like to think of it as the next approach.

    Sales 30s Female

  • Many of the words were new to me, such as loss aversion and active choice, but by explaining each of them in detail and including more familiar examples, I was able to understand even if I did not know them.

    office worker 40s Male

  • It was two days, but I learned several statistical and behavioral economics ideas, not only for healthcare business, and received many tips that I will apply to my work tomorrow. I was able to learn systematically.

    office worker 40s Female

  • I was able to learn from multiple perspectives, including behavioral economics and medical technology evaluation systems. I would like to use loss aversion and crowd psychology in actual practice to change patient behavior.

    Healthcare 40s Male

  • The flow of deriving theories through case discussions and then trying to use those theories on the spot was easy to understand and good for deepening understanding. I found it very difficult to think on the spot, especially about the examples, but it was easy to imagine with familiar examples, and I was able to learn from the various opinions of my classmates. It was also interesting to see what the actual results were.

    office worker 40s Male