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Forging the Path Forward: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the MBA Classroom  

Some are skeptical about whether a true entrepreneurial spirit can be cultivated in an academic environment such as a business school, pointing to the success of entrepreneurs who do not hold MBAs, while ignoring the many successful entrepreneurs who do, such as Elon Musk, founder of Tesla; Phil Knight, founder of NIKE; and Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg. Further, it disregards the MBA graduates that are found amongst the executives and team members driving successful companies. For instance, while it is true that Apple founder Steve Jobs did not hold an MBA himself, the firm's success is owed in large part to MBA graduates including current CEO Tim Cook and former Senior Vice President of Retail Operations Ron Johnson, the innovator behind the Apple Store.

Entrepreneurship in MBA lecture auditoriums is already the norm at top overseas schools, where students who study business administration acquire the entrepreneurial mindset and the skillset necessary for innovation by engaging with the most creative and knowledgeable faculty and peers. Ideas borne from that creativity and knowledge are the building blocks for tomorrow's society, with which entrepreneurs animated by MBA consciousness will pave the way for the construction of an ecosystem powered by the process of value creation.  


  • Philip, USA

    Looking at different schools in Japan, I found that NUCB Business School stood out because of its emphasis on a global mindset and developing global leaders.


  • Kavitha, India

    Nagoya is a leading economic market. So I wanted to do my Masters at NUCB Business School.


  • Takeshi Kishigami

    I came to NUCB Business School and my daily lifestyle has changed. I started to think more carefully each and every day by putting myself in an diversified environment.

    Takeshi Kishigami
    Enrolled September 2016

  • Joken Son

    You can create a network of connections that you would not be able to build anywhere else.

    Joken Son
    Enrolled April 2016

  • Keisuke Hiraiwa

    I feel that the elements of behavioral economics have elements that can be adopted little-by-little in business.

    Keisuke Hiraiwa
    Enrolled April 2015
    Pfizer, Inc.

  • An ideal experience to expand your horizons and return to your country with a broader view of the world. With students from all around the globe, learning from the exchange of experiences and differing approaches to business will be an invaluable tool to have during your career.

    William Roebuck, USA
    Spring 2019 MSc
    Zest Corporation
    International Business Director

  • Had I stayed in my home country, I would have missed the opportunity to engage with instructors and students from all corners of the world. Through exposure to new mindsets and ways of thinking, I was able to accelerate my professional development.

    Matthew Kronick, USA
    Spring 2019 MSc

  • The quality of professors and peers is difficult to overstate. I feel both informed and challenged in every class I attend. This couples well with the lessons my fellow students provide. My time here is a challenge I welcome and feel confident I will grow from.

    William R. Stull, US
    Spring 2020 MBA
    Paddock Realty and Property Development
    Co Owner

  • Be it Japanese or global companies, NUCB Business School's case study method simulates a business environment and situations to introduce established business frameworks whilst allowing for the exploration of new ideas needed in the organizations of tomorrow. I have enjoyed being a part of that experience.

    Solomon Njie, Gambia
    Fall 2019 MBA

  • Besides its internationally accredited program and interactive case method style learning, NUCB Business School also offers networking opportunities with the full-time international students and exchange students from partner schools.

    Ossama Elssalih, Sudan
    Fall 2018 MBA

  • It is the best place to seek out unique strategy, essence of business solutions and great networking internationally.

    Junko Kimura, Japan
    Fall 2011 MBA

  • "The School provides an international network full of emerging young talent.The model of the class is pushing participation which will be really useful in my business career. Classes also give me a taste of a huge variety of business topics to understand where I fit and what I need to improve."

    Mathieu Labro, France
    Spring 2019 MBA
    IT Business Analyst
    Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

  • Yoichi Toyoda

    As a person who relied on my instinctive senses to develop my business, I was able to get what I wanted most. It's a great opportunity to learn the principles of business in a systematic way.

    Yoichi Toyoda
    Graduated September 2019
    VDT Corporation 
    President and Representative Director

  • I have never been to Japan before this experience, but its culture has always fascinated me. I chose the NUCB Business School not only for this reason but also and above all for its international reputation and the quality of its programs. Here I have the opportunity to get in touch with many colleagues from all over the world who have contributed to enrich this experience not only from a professional point of view but also human.

    Valerio Di Girolamo, Italy
    Spring 2018 Exchange Student
    LUISS Business School, Italy

  • As part of the selection of ABE Initiative, which is a JICA program, I have the opportunity as other young Africans to study in Japan to contribute to the development of my country once back, essentially in private sector. I chose the NUCB Business School to realize my project of doing my MBA because of the accreditation and also I was particularly interested in the "Global Leader Program" offered to get involved in a multi-cultural environment and to develop my leadership skills that I will need for my next career of making business and building the bridge between Japan and my country.

    Juvencia Deschamps, Madagascar
    Global Leader Program, '18

  • Coming from a very remote, developing country in the Pacific – Kiribati – the NUCB Business School provides more prospective opportunities to learn business in-depth from a global perspective. The courses are structured more conducive to active participation, open sharing and exchanging ideas and thoughts with rich diverse people (students) whom they have more realistic and exciting experiences and thats what I value the most.

    Teeta Erikate, Kiribati
    Global Leader Program, '18
    MSc in Management

  • My choice of NUCB Business School as my exchange destination was driven mainly by my longstanding fascination for the Japanese culture and way of life. And the Global Leader Program combines that exposure with a great mix of students from across the world.

    Kruti Kharod,India
    Fall 2017 Exchange Student
    IIM Calcutta

  • The curriculum of the Global Leader Program offers me the opportunity to attend classes with a very different course structure and content than at my home institution HHL. That way, it is a perfect complement to my Master studies in Germany. The case based study method which stimulates class discussions is a very good way to learn about new concepts and strategies of business leaders while it offers the chance to gain insights from the manifold backgrounds and experiences of the students themselves.

    Viktor Winkler, Germany
    Spring 2018 Exchange Student
    HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

  • I chose the NUCB Business School in order to gain a greater insight into Japan's business practices and culture. My family has a coffee business in Hawaii and many of our customers are from Japan. I plan to run the family business after completing my MBA and I wanted to increase my understanding of Japan's language, culture, and business practices so I can better serve our customers. I've even thought that one day, I may expand the family business into Japan!

    Kendall Kunitake, USA
    Fall 2017 Exchange Student
    Shidler College of Business, University of Hawai'i at Manoa

  • Takeshi Tsuzaki

    Most of my career so far has been in the medical and nursing care industries, but being able to discuss common topics with people from various industries has broadened my perspective. I have also been able to evaluate my company objectively, and its actual performance has been improving.

    Takeshi Tsuzaki
    Graduated March 2017
    Sanctity Inc.
    Representative Director