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MBA for Healthcare Professionals

An MBA to Navigate Change in the Healthcare Ecosystem

With tremendous continuous investment in healthcare, a consistent stream of innovations in diagnosis and treatment necessitates responsive, adaptable, and knowledgeable human resources that are able to survive in an environment in which change is the only constant. Those in the field must also deal with a variety of professionals with various specializations, from researchers and developers to clinicians and engineers; in addition, close attention must be paid to strict laws and regulations on standards and practices.

In order to continue providing the irreplaceable service of protecting human life and health, professionals in the industry must also ensure the health of their businesses. Mastery of the key concepts inculcated through courses in business administration will provide the insights and expertise for the planning and implementation of effective solutions, strategies, and organizational models in preparation for industry-wide transformations. Through the Healthcare MBA, you will be a leader at the forefront of the industry who not only welcomes change, but also reaps its benefits.


  • Claire, France

    This school's greatest strengths are its case method and global presence.

    Claire, France

  • Yaoki, Japan

    Classmates are well diversified in nationality, industry, and experience. Hence, I can learn a lot and broaden my perspective.


  • Kavitha, India

    Because, Nagoya is a leading economic market, I wanted to do my Masters here, at the NUCB Business School.


  • Emi Kataoka

    While sitting in the middle of a lecture one day, I realized that I was surrounded by excellent business people. My desire to step-up resulted in my career change.

    Emi Kataoka
    Enrolled April 2016
    MetLife Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

  • Keisuke Hiraiwa

    I feel that the elements of behavioral economics have elements that can be adopted little-by-little in business.

    Keisuke Hiraiwa
    Enrolled April 2015
    Pfizer, Inc.

  • Mariko Hiraiwa

    Through learning and discussions with professors and peers with diverse backgrounds, I have broadened my perspective on things. By thinking about the essence of things, I feel that my life as well as my work has been enriched.

    Mariko Hiraiwa
    Mar. 2019 Completed
    Accenture Co.
    Strategy & Consulting

  • Mr. Soutaro Takahashi

    Through case studies, in addition to the knowledge of frameworks, I am able to gain new perspectives and awareness.

    Sotaro Takahashi
    Spring 2020 MBA
    Pharmaceutical company

  • Yukiko Kitajima

    What I felt when I enrolled in the NUCB Business School was that I could not only acquire knowledge of frameworks, finance, and accounting through classes given by excellent professors, but also receive tremendous input from my classmates who are active in various fields. I believe that I have found a place where I can truly grow.

    Yukiko Kitajima
    Enrolled September 2019
    Taisho Pharmaceutical Co.

  • Yoko Fujimoto

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that what I had intuitively felt in practice was systematized and established through the co-creation that took place in the classroom, and I was captivated by the courses at the NUCB Business School.

    Yoko Fujimoto
    Enrolled April 2019
    Pfizer Japan Inc.
    Executive Officer

  • Reiichi Murakami

    As a working doctor with only a monthly salary, I was tormented by a sense of crisis when I realistically thought about taking over my family's medical corporation. In an age when users choose medical institutions, an MBA can be a great weapon.

    Dr. Reiichi Murakami
    Graduated March 2016
    Murakami Shinmachi Hospital 
    Vice President

  • Takeshi Tsuzaki

    Most of my career so far has been in the medical and nursing care industries, but being able to discuss common topics with people from various industries has broadened my perspective. I have also been able to evaluate my company objectively, and its actual performance has been improving.

    Takeshi Tsuzaki
    Graduated March 2017
    Sanctity Inc.
    Representative Director

  • Hiroaki Aoki

    Doctors also need management skills. While taking classes, I am always looking for tips on how to provide new medical services.

    Hiroaki Aoki
    Sep. 2017 Completed
    Juntendo University


  • Ms. Choi

    As I learned more about management, I began to understand how to think from a manager's perspective.

    Kazumi Sai, March 2017 Alumni, Medical Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry