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MBA for Women

Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling as MBA Women

Representing half of the world's available talent, women have tremendous untapped potential to influence the expansion, innovation, and establishment of businesses throughout the globe. In a 2019 report by the International Labour Organization, two-thirds of companies surveyed agreed that diversity initiatives have significantly improved their business outcomes. Further, with a growing number of women being elected to political leadership positions, the “role model effect” suggests that this trend of political empowerment will correspond with increased numbers of women holding senior management positions in businesses worldwide.

By virtue of their unique perspective, women in the workforce are already equipped to provide the ideas and expertise needed to invigorate boardrooms and lead companies through the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Refining this raw energy, the MBA path for today's working women will guide them through the dynamics of power, toward the upper echelons of the business world.  


  • Studying here has both broadened and deepened my perspective on business. Knowledge and experiences shared with students and faculty who are leaders from diverse backgrounds, as well as with local communities, will continue to be valuable for years to come.

    Monica Chinn, USA
    Spring 2019 MBA
    The Boeing Company

  • The opportunity to study here and immerse myself in a multi-cultural environment has been a very instructional, eye-opening and character shaping experience. I was able to expand my global perspective and further develop the skill set necessary to support my career, unleash my true potential and create a bigger impact.

    Rim Lemchachti,
    Fall 2019 MBA

  • Rie Tanaka

    The methodology opened the possibility to think about the case problem based on the law, the theory and the case precedent. This is something that I could not have achieved by simply studying for the certified tax accountant examination.

    Rie Tanaka
    Double Master

  • Eiko Sugiura

    It is highly attractive to be able to obtain knowledge that is directly linked to my practical business in the field of tax planning.

    Eiko Sugiura
    Enrolled April 2015

  • Claire, France

    This school's greatest strengths are its case method and global presence.

    Claire, France

  • Kavitha, India

    Because, Nagoya is a leading economic market, I wanted to do my Masters here, at the NUCB Business School.


  • Emi Kataoka

    While sitting in the middle of a lecture one day, I realized that I was surrounded by excellent business people. My desire to step-up resulted in my career change.

    Emi Kataoka
    Enrolled April 2016
    MetLife Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

  • Noriko Ishikawa

    We have a wide variety of experiences in each lecture, which provides new awareness so our livelihood is enriched on weekdays, too.

    Noriko Ishikawa
    Toyo Electrical Construction Co., Ltd.

  • Hiroko Matsuzaki

    Practical lectures delivered through various kinds of business cases with excellent classmates have driven me to reach new levels.

    Hiroko Matsuzaki
    Graduate, March 2016
    Koji System Solutions Co.

  • Aiko Enda

    My classmates and professors are full of enthusiasm and this pushes my motivation beyond imagination. This has been the most interesting experience in my life!

    Aiko Enda
    Enrolled September 2016
    NTT Business Assoc. Co., Ltd.

  • Mariko Hiraiwa

    Through learning and discussions with professors and peers with diverse backgrounds, I have broadened my perspective on things. By thinking about the essence of things, I feel that my life as well as my work has been enriched.

    Mariko Hiraiwa
    Mar. 2019 Completed
    Accenture Co.
    Strategy & Consulting

  • Mikiho Kaneto

    In the lectures given by professors with a wealth of knowledge and experience, students are able to learn not only general management knowledge but also management philosophy, providing an environment in which they can grow as human beings. Discussions among students with diverse values and backgrounds helped me to broaden my thinking and to develop friendships that will last even after graduation.

    Mikiho Kaneto
    September 2018 Enrollment
    Recruit Marketing Partners Co.

  • Yukiko Kitajima

    What I felt when I enrolled in the NUCB Business School was that I could not only acquire knowledge of frameworks, finance, and accounting through classes given by excellent professors, but also receive tremendous input from my classmates who are active in various fields. I believe that I have found a place where I can truly grow.

    Yukiko Kitajima
    Enrolled September 2019
    Taisho Pharmaceutical Co.

  • Yoko Fujimoto

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that what I had intuitively felt in practice was systematized and established through the co-creation that took place in the classroom, and I was captivated by the courses at the NUCB Business School.

    Yoko Fujimoto
    Enrolled April 2019
    Pfizer Japan Inc.
    Executive Officer

  • Going to Japan has been a dream of mine for a long time, so when I had the opportunity to go on an exchange semester, there was no question that I wanted to do it in Japan. I chose the NUCB Business School as it is a top ranking school in Japan and offers a teaching method which is very different to the one in my home university.

    Sarah Hearn, France
    Spring 2018 Exchange Student
    NEOMA Business School, France

  • The NUCB Business School was my first choice - and I am not disappointed! It is an amazing opportunity to get to know students from all around the world, and I feel like I learned a lot during my time in Japan.

    Caroline Chazerain, France,
    Fall 2017 DDP Student
    EDHEC Business School

  • Experiencing Japan and its culture has been my dream for several years and this dream came true for one full year thanks to the NUCB Business School. Not only was I able to learn many skills and new methods with students and professors from all around the world, but also was I able to travel and discover this amazing country.

    Celia Woehrel, France
    Fall 2017 DDP Student
    ICN Business School

  • After one year at the NUCB Business School, I have the impression that my horizons have been broadened: I learned a lot from working with students from so many different countries in the world, I met inspiring people and I got the chance to travel around Japan.

    Agathe Verro, France
    Fall 2017 DDP Student
    EDHEC Business School

  • My choice of NUCB Business School as my exchange destination was driven mainly by my longstanding fascination for the Japanese culture and way of life. And the Global Leader Program combines that exposure with a great mix of students from across the world.

    Kruti Kharod,India
    Fall 2017 Exchange Student
    IIM Calcutta

  • I chose the NUCB Business School because in addition to its reputation, ranking and important dual accreditation worldwide, it is located in one of the most powerful economies in Japan which is Nagoya. Here there is a multicultural experience that we can live in every class, sharing the same classroom with people whose background and culture is totally different than in South America would help me to develop new skills and new ways of doing business around the world.

    Andrea Idarraga Vanegas, Colombia
    Fall 2017 Exchange Student
    ESAN Graduate School of Business