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MBA for Executives

Developing Trustworthy Leadership for Organizational Excellence

Leadership positions are reached through demonstrable achievement of desired results despite adversity, but there are unique problems that even natural leaders face only once they find themselves in executive or managerial roles. How do the world's most effective leaders fortify their teams and make the most of their human resources?

The study of business administration is a fast track to the acquisition of management expertise from multifaceted perspectives such as those of strategists, marketing experts, accountants, and specialists in organizational behavior. Once established, you will be able to make the key decisions when they need to be made. As leaders gain confidence in their own abilities, trust in that confidence will lead to bold organizational changes, disruptive innovation, and the sustainable development of the company. True leaders understand that their growth is reflected in the growth of the organization. The first step in this growth cycle is the Executive MBA.


  • Hiroya Mizuta

    It's a natural environment to think with everything that you do and create an atmosphere for discovery. The faculty inspires students' ambition with knowledge and skills.

    Hiroya Mizuta
    Graduate, March 2016
    Toyota Motor Corporation

  • Yusuke Masai

    By using the case method, I realize that I can acquire practical knowledge and a strong sense of know-how by putting myself in the shoes of top management.

    Yusuke Masai
    Graduate, March 2017

  • An ideal experience to expand your horizons and return to your country with a broader view of the world. With students from all around the globe, learning from the exchange of experiences and differing approaches to business will be an invaluable tool to have during your career.

    William Roebuck, USA
    Spring 2019 MSc
    Zest Corporation
    International Business Director

  • The quality of professors and peers is difficult to overstate. I feel both informed and challenged in every class I attend. This couples well with the lessons my fellow students provide. My time here is a challenge I welcome and feel confident I will grow from.

    William R. Stull, US
    Spring 2020 MBA
    Paddock Realty and Property Development
    Co Owner

  • Besides its internationally accredited program and interactive case method style learning, NUCB Business School also offers networking opportunities with the full-time international students and exchange students from partner schools.

    Ossama Elssalih, Sudan
    Fall 2018 MBA

  • NUCB Business School is a global hub for learning and discussing innovative ideas, while connecting and building relationships with experienced and promising talents from Japan and from around the world.

    Amar R, Canada
    Spring 2017 MBA
    Program Director
    Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

  • "The School provides an international network full of emerging young talent.The model of the class is pushing participation which will be really useful in my business career. Classes also give me a taste of a huge variety of business topics to understand where I fit and what I need to improve."

    Mathieu Labro, France
    Spring 2019 MBA
    IT Business Analyst
    Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

  • The School offers a comprehensive curriculum focusing on real world business scenarios and problems using their case study method. It provides a good balance for the students to hone their management capabilities for Japanese business environment at the same time prepare them for the global market. Class discussions are a very good way to learn about new concepts and strategies of business leaders while offering the chance to gain insights from the manifold backgrounds and experiences of the students themselves.

    Dhiviya Sri, India
    Spring 2019 MBA
    Global Procurement Planning & Strategy
    Yamaha Motor Co. Ltd.

  • I've met some amazing students representing different industries and professors with a good mix of both academic and practical knowledge. Both of these will undoubtedly be key to my success in my future career.

    Mark Hosang, USA
    Fall 2018 MBA
    Sr. Manager of Enterprise Services & Security, IT Division
    Randstad K.K.

  • Mr. Kazushige Sakai

    In the age of VUCA, the ability to come up with the best answer within a limited time and many constraints is required, and the NUCB Business School fosters this ability. Being able to learn how to think in a way that can be applied to any situation, rather than the only answer based on knowledge, has been a great asset for me.

    Kazushige Sakai
    Enrolled April 2019
    Toyota Motor Corporation
    Chief Accountant / U.S. Certified Public Accountant

  • Yoko Fujimoto

    I was pleasantly surprised to find that what I had intuitively felt in practice was systematized and established through the co-creation that took place in the classroom, and I was captivated by the courses at the NUCB Business School.

    Yoko Fujimoto
    Enrolled April 2019
    Pfizer Japan Inc.
    Executive Officer

  • Yoichi Toyoda

    As a person who relied on my instinctive senses to develop my business, I was able to get what I wanted most. It's a great opportunity to learn the principles of business in a systematic way.

    Yoichi Toyoda
    Graduated September 2019
    VDT Corporation 
    President and Representative Director

  • Going to Japan has been a dream of mine for a long time, so when I had the opportunity to go on an exchange semester, there was no question that I wanted to do it in Japan. I chose the NUCB Business School as it is a top ranking school in Japan and offers a teaching method which is very different to the one in my home university.

    Sarah Hearn, France
    Spring 2018 Exchange Student
    NEOMA Business School, France

  • Reiichi Murakami

    As a working doctor with only a monthly salary, I was tormented by a sense of crisis when I realistically thought about taking over my family's medical corporation. In an age when users choose medical institutions, an MBA can be a great weapon.

    Dr. Reiichi Murakami
    Graduated March 2016
    Murakami Shinmachi Hospital 
    Vice President

  • As part of the selection of ABE Initiative, which is a JICA program, I have the opportunity as other young Africans to study in Japan to contribute to the development of my country once back, essentially in private sector. I chose the NUCB Business School to realize my project of doing my MBA because of the accreditation and also I was particularly interested in the "Global Leader Program" offered to get involved in a multi-cultural environment and to develop my leadership skills that I will need for my next career of making business and building the bridge between Japan and my country.

    Juvencia Deschamps, Madagascar
    Global Leader Program, '18