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What is the Tax Accountant Training Program?

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Unlike studying at a preparatory school for the Certified Public Tax Accountant exam, the Tax Accountant Program at our school aims to train Certified Public Tax Accountants as lawyers, Certified Public Tax Accountants with tax planning skills, and Certified Public Tax Accountants with management consulting skills chosen by business owners.

What makes the program Asia's No. 1?

In the first year, students study the National Taxation General Rules Law, which is a procedural law that defines the rights and duties of taxpayers, and the basic principles of tax law, focusing on tax legalism, as well as thorough research on tax precedents (case discussions), which is not covered at all in preparatory schools for the Certified Public Tax Accountant examination.

From the second year, students will focus on writing a master's thesis on tax law based on the articles of the Taxation Law after researching previous research results, but they will also study applied subjects such as international taxation, taxation on organizational restructuring, tax planning, business succession planning, risk management, real estate management design, and financial asset management design, as well as It is also possible for students to take courses related to business administration in the MBA program.
This is to train tax accountants who are supported by business owners.

Even if you get certified as a tax accountant, you are still a grain of rice on the sole of your foot. This is because you cannot eat it even if you get it. If you don't train yourself to be intellectually capable of confronting the increasingly difficult taxation system and differentiate yourself from your senior tax accountants, obtaining a license will not help you. A tax accountant who cannot give management advice will be discarded. The ability to make proposals that resonate with the heartstrings of business owners and empathize with them is in question.

In our school's Certified Public Tax Accountant Training Program, there are graduate students who study while simultaneously taking the Certified Public Tax Accountant Examination, as well as graduate students who double-master the Accounting and Finance Course and the Tax Law Course (one course in accounting and one course in tax law are required). Students are required to do very rigorous preparatory study and active learning with a focus on discussion, but this enables them to engage in friendly competition with their fellow students and make lifelong friends. This system, where students learn together as friends and rivals, is the reason why our graduate school has been rated No. 1 in Asia by overseas graduate school evaluation organizations.