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Freelance MBA

Gain Independence by Broadening Networks with the Freelance MBA

According to a survey by Recruit Co., Ltd., one of the largest providers of career services in Japan, more than 30% of Japanese companies have softened their stance on side businesses and second jobs held by their employees. This trend is set to continue not just in Japan alone; as new forms of work are driven by digitalization accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the new normalization and future growth of this lifestyle worldwide will result in a shift in thinking about the term "freelance." So how will these new ways of working define the next era of business?

By developing the logical thinking skills and design thinking framework necessary to maintain flexibility successfully, the study of business administration empowers individuals to navigate organizational logic and weather changes in the business environment. With that power, freelancers will be able to look across different industries, positions, and cultures to realize the requirements of multiple organizations, and connect with diverse peers providing a wide array of insights into the challenges of working in an evolving role. The trusted interdependencies that will form a foundation for the autonomy of a freelance career take root in the freelance MBA.


  • Matej, Slovakia

    I really welcome the opportunity to come here and get hands on experience how Japanese negotiate, how they work, how they communicate, what the hierarchy is and so on.


  • Claire, France

    NUCB Business School's best strength is the case studies and global presence.

    Claire, France

  • Takeshi Kishigami

    I came to NUCB Business School and my daily lifestyle has changed. I started to think more carefully each and every day by putting myself in an diversified environment.

    Takeshi Kishigami
    Enrolled September 2016

  • Joken Son

    You can create a network of connections that you would not be able to build anywhere else.

    Joken Son
    Enrolled April 2016

  • I realized that one casual word has potential to evolve into an idea that has never been thought of before and make new connections.

    Daigo Ito
    Senior Managing Director

  • Aiko Enda

    My classmates and professors are full of enthusiasm and this pushes my motivation beyond imagination. This has been the most interesting experience in my life!

    Aiko Enda
    Enrolled September 2016
    NTT Business Assoc. Co., Ltd.

  • Going to Japan has been a dream of mine for a long time, so when I had the opportunity to go on an exchange semester, there was no question that I wanted to do it in Japan. I chose the NUCB Business School as it is a top ranking school in Japan and offers a teaching method which is very different to the one in my home university.

    Sarah Hearn, France
    Spring 2018 Exchange Student
    NEOMA Business School, France

  • Experiencing Japan and its culture has been my dream for several years and this dream came true for one full year thanks to the NUCB Business School. Not only was I able to learn many skills and new methods with students and professors from all around the world, but also was I able to travel and discover this amazing country.

    Celia Woehrel, France
    Fall 2017 DDP Student
    ICN Business School

  • I have never been to Japan before this experience, but its culture has always fascinated me. I chose the NUCB Business School not only for this reason but also and above all for its international reputation and the quality of its programs. Here I have the opportunity to get in touch with many colleagues from all over the world who have contributed to enrich this experience not only from a professional point of view but also human.

    Valerio Di Girolamo, Italy
    Spring 2018 Exchange Student
    LUISS Business School, Italy

  • Coming from a very remote, developing country in the Pacific – Kiribati – the NUCB Business School provides more prospective opportunities to learn business in-depth from a global perspective. The courses are structured more conducive to active participation, open sharing and exchanging ideas and thoughts with rich diverse people (students) whom they have more realistic and exciting experiences and thats what I value the most.

    Teeta Erikate, Kiribati
    Global Leader Program, '18
    MSc in Management

  • The curriculum of the Global Leader Program offers me the opportunity to attend classes with a very different course structure and content than at my home institution HHL. That way, it is a perfect complement to my Master studies in Germany. The case based study method which stimulates class discussions is a very good way to learn about new concepts and strategies of business leaders while it offers the chance to gain insights from the manifold backgrounds and experiences of the students themselves.

    Viktor Winkler, Germany
    Spring 2018 Exchange Student
    HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management