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Ferrero 2016

#Corporate #Social #Responsibility #Family #business #Competitive #advantage


This case study focuses on the Italian chocolate manufacturer Ferrero and its corporate social responsibility. The case analyzes the status of the chocolate industry and the challenges it is facing to a consistent growth. Issues related to the scarcity of raw ingredients and their prices’ volatility and changes in the consumers’ trends to more environmentally conscious products are affecting the industry. Ferrero, a family owned company at its 3rd generation, has established the ambitious goal to double its revenues in a decade and is pursuing it through traditional channels such as growth per acquisition (both horizontal and backward vertical integration) but also leveraging its corporate social responsibility. A deep analysis of the integration of sustainability in the supply chain of Ferrero follows to understand whether this can help the company in the reach of its goal and in maintaining a competitive advantage as well.

Detailed information

Case ID 16-1126
Published 2016
Analyzed Area Social enterprise & ethics
Pages 29
Language English
Teaching Note Attached