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Jet Airways 2019

#Risk management #Sustainability #Leadership


This case provides students with an opportunity to examine and understand risk management and sustainability and also this case will analyse why risk management is so important in strategic planning .By evaluating different models and techniques , the best method to analyse the internal and external environment will be elaborated . Further more this case helps to analysed different kind of risks and strategies will be given , to overcome and mitigate those risks.Especially in the airline industry in India . where the competition is on a very high level . since 2008 more and more low cost carriers have been copmeting with the big well known national airline companies like Air India , Vistara .It is a very risky business with limited margin . Therefore this case will help MBA graduates to learn about the management of internal and external risks and sustainability of the business .

Detailed information

Case ID 19-1108
Published 2019
Analyzed Area Social enterprise & ethics
Pages 27
Language English
Teaching Note Attached