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Tsingtao Brewery Co., LTD. 2018

#Entrepreneurship #Post-acquisition integration #Branding and marketing


This case was about how the company restructured and integrated after conducting a series of aggressive acquisition. It took Tsingtao Brewery Company as a main analysis target to study the entrepreneurship, branding and marketing strategy. The first part of this case was the introduction of this company history and how it was able to IPO. The second part was about its aggressive expansion which later emerged a series of crisis. Firstly, to figure out the factors that drove the acquisition and mergers, then to analyze its performance afterwards. To solve the crisis caused by aggressive acquisition, the company need a bold reformer, which referred to leadership concept. The protagonist of this case was Jin Zhiguo who devoted to post-acquisition integration. Using the leadership style framework to analyze his entrepreneurship. The most important part was to learn the necessary of integration in terms of leadership & people, organizational structure & processes, and culture. The final stage of this case was about this company’s branding and marketing strategy, how these innovated when company was growing and why changed. The important concept was to use SWOT framework to analyze the internal and external environment before making a decision. Taking the advantage of government policy was a motivation for company to grow, that was already reflected in Tsingtao Brewery’s past acquisitions, and could affect its current overseas expansion strategy. The last but not the least, it was always a risk for company to enter new markets, how to implement an appropriate strategy was the key point. SWOT framework was the useful tool to fully analyze the company’s current situation. In summary, this case was about post-acquisition integration, entrepreneurship, branding and marketing taking Tsingtao Brewery as a example, the relative analysis tool were post M&A integration framework, Boyatzis & Goleman leadership styles, and SWOT framework.

Detailed information

Case ID 19-1181
Published 2019
Analyzed Area General management
Pages 32
Language English
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