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  5. 日本核燃料開発株式会社 2020

Nippon Nuclear Fuel Development Co., Ltd. 2020

#変革リーダーシップ #理念浸透 #持続可能


This case will explore the management structure of a company that underwent corporate revitalization with continued sustainability as its main focus. This case is examined from the point of view of the new CEO rebuild the corporate structure of a subsidiary, that struggled with its longstanding stagnation in business income, through his transformational leadership. First, this case will examine the general plan to reorganize: Having grasped the changes to the industry environment and identified the essential structural issues within the company they set about redefining corporate philosophy to create new societal value, formulating growth strategies and designing business systems. Secondly, this case will examine the new CEO’s change management through the interactions between his leader- ship and his employees’ followership. Lastly, this case will consider the factors needed to make the organization sustainable. Namely, the measures of and issues pertaining to the permeation of the aforementioned management philosophy, faith in the management and highest priority values (ethics, legitimacy, integrity) of social responsibility.

Detailed information

Case ID 20-1041
Published 2020
Analyzed Area General management
Pages 26
Language Japanese
Teaching Note Attached