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KHULA! app 2019

#Entrepreneurship #Business strategy #Marketing Management


KHULA! app is a multi-sided application created to support and develop emerging farmers who have in the past been excluded from the formal markets due to highly competitive commercial global farming practices and a lack of access to information. KHULA! seeks to solve the supply chain problem in agriculture by connecting willing buyers to willing sellers regardless of their size while reducing the excess costs created by middlemen and other intermediaries while reducing food waste that occurs in these markets. KHULA! has pplied a multisided e-agriculture app that ropes in stakeholders that work together to form an ecosystem that is symbiotic and tackles these issues. KHULA! app achieves all of these things by continually innovating and enhancing its multisided application under the guise of a pilot project. However, founders Karidas and Matthew have high hopes for Khula! and have their sights set for global expansion. The dilemma is whether to achieve this feat through organic growth or through rapid growth by accepting investments as most e-commerce platforms do to achieve scale. The dilemma facing Karidas the CEO is the approach and decision of whether to partner with venture capitalist firm E squared investments. E squared investments would be a natural fit as it is the next Allan Gray subsidiary in the value chain of Allan Gray firms that support and develop responsible entrepreneurship. Taking an investment from E squared investments would amount to more than money but a lot more as experience by Karidas in his youth as part of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

Detailed information

Case ID 20-1085
Published 2020
Analyzed Area Entrepreneurship
Pages 25
Language English
Teaching Note Attached