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NGK Technologies India 2018

#海外展開 #新興国ビジネス #リバースイノベーション


Large companies that have survived the fierce global competition have excellent human resources, industry-leading technologies and manufacturing capabilities, and global distribution networks that provide them with opportunities to achieve success. Despite these advantages, there are cases where these large companies fail when they try to enter emerging markets. The reason for this is that large companies tend to adopt a “glocalization” approach, in which they develop products for emerging countries by making slight modification to their products that have been successful in developed countries hence fail to appeal to local needs. This study analyzes the actions and measures taken by the president of a local subsidiary of a Japanese company which successfully expanded its business in India. It also examines the effectiveness of specially dedicated organization for local business, focusing on customers, and “reverse innovation” in development of products that appeal to the needs of emerging countries.

Detailed information

Case ID 20-1162
Published 2020
Analyzed Area General management
Pages 25
Language Japanese
Teaching Note Attached