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Developia Venture Group 2020

#Entrepreneurship #Job Creation #LHD Conversion


The purpose of this case is to find a way to co-create meaning and value for the people living in developing countries. So, the idea is to start a manufacturing plant in a developing country, where the locals, who are unemployed can be trained and hired to work. This will help to not only improve the standard of living of the locals but also help the country strengthen its economy. Moreover, number of direct jobs created through this project will also give rise to many supply related and induced jobs, which will help the country to improve trading activities even more. The case has been divided into three phases. All the three phases are sequential and requires each to be executed perfectly before the next one is implemented. A lot of research has been done on the country to understand its present condition and how the past events have contributed to their present state. Moreover, for the construction of factory, I have tried to read articles and watch videos of the manufacturing operations to figure out some of the requirements and potential bottlenecks. This also included visit to the actual “Genba”. For the Financial analysis, I have also looked at the various costs related to the actual operations and human resources, and come up with numbers by incorporating different assumptions. The key here is to factor in different financial and operational risk and find the solutions to each. The other important decision is to decide when is it feasible financially to go ahead with the project. Some basic benefits are Job creation, developing human resource, Job export and tax benefits for the government. Finally, considering everything is executed properly, this project will be successful in creating sustainable development for the people and the country.

Detailed information

Case ID 20-1181
Published 2020
Analyzed Area Operations management
Pages 30
Language English
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