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CBD MAP 2020

#Entrepreneurship #Raising Investment #Digital Marketing


In November 2020, William Bévan the CEO of the young technology company CBD MAP was analyzing his financial and strategic options as he knew that soon a decision would be in order. Starting his company focusing on the now booming CBD industry in the US market before hemp-derived CBD was even legal on a Federal level, had been an ideal opportunity to be first mover. An opportunity that could have been maximized early on with a budget that allowed it to scale large and fast before any other entrants came to challenge its model. Unfortunately raising fund has been a challenge for William who has yet to have acquired a seed round. Some reasons to explain this lack of first round are the drawbacks and uncontrollable events as the COVID-19 pandemic hit and slowed down the opportunities. This however hasn’t stopped CBD MAP from growing.The website started getting traction from customers and the company was raising interest in the industry. It was well on its way to sign multiple strategic partnerships that would further support the growth of the site. The key players in the industry were primarily focused on cannabis and Marijuana products which researchers found to be an overall different target market than hemp-derived CBD. Though, the CBD industry was recognized by experts to be becoming an industry of its own right with incredible growth potential. A company like CBD MAP, able to scale nationally with the sole focus on CBD could be the unique approach allowing to convert non-marijuana customers into CBD users. CBD MAP was the only CBD focused web platform listing thousands of CBD stores. What should William do to secure its position and reach the scale it needed to become profitable?

Detailed information

Case ID 20-1188
Published 2020
Analyzed Area Entrepreneurship
Pages 25
Language English
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