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Dashmote 2020

#Artificial Intelligence #entrepreneurship #Technology


In the dominant time, AI, machine learning, and deep learning are catching on heavily and seem to be essential requirements for companies for leveraging and understanding their data and make better decision in timely manner, along their whole supply chain. In fact, several million gigabytes of data are generated daily in the world and only 0.5% of this data is analyzed and used to make decisions that actually help companies and professionals achieve better results. Dashmote discovered the potential of AI back in the days and since 2016, has been providing global brands (such as Coca Cola, Heineken, Bacardi) end-to-end AI solutions and computer vision to help them understand and predict consumer trends based on the information collected from people ́s use of internet. The data collected and the visualization of these into the Dashmote ́s platform help companies unlocking the power of their data and turning it into action. This case wants to give a general overview of AI's history and then go deeper into the Dashmote business case to give an example of how AI can be developed to useful solutions to be sold to global brands to help them understand their data and make better decisions. The case is mainly written upon primary information from Mr. Dennis Tan (Dashmote’s CEO and founder) and give insights about the potentiality of the technology developed by his company for the creation of marketing insights. Based on the machine vision, the platform can spot trends about food & beverage (and other industries) consumptions that allow companies to make more punctual marketing and save costs.

Detailed information

Case ID 21-1069
Published 2021
Industry TELECOM & IT
Analyzed Area Marketing
Pages 24
Language English
Teaching Note Attached