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Kensac Digital Solution 2021

#Entrepreneurship #Venture business #Digital transformation


Japanese companies will face economic losses of up to 12 trillion yen annually after 2025 if they fail to invest in new digital technologies along with adopt innovative business models or modify existing ones in order to drive revenue growth and enhance competitiveness. Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) 2018 report highlighted what they termed the “2025 Digital Cliff”. The Japanese government has also set out policies such as “Society 5.0”, a vision for a human-oriented society that strikes a balance between economic growth and the social issue solutions through DX (digital transformation) as well as innovative business models using new digital technologies.Kensac Digital Solutions is a start-up endeavoring to help companies optimize their data, save time and ultimately improve the effectiveness of digital strategy while also accelerating digital migration in Japanese companies. After being frustrated by the challenges she faced as a data scientist in a consulting firm, Emma, co-founder and CEO of Kensac, identifies a market opportunity and decides this is an opportune time to pursue it. It promises to be a game-changer for Japan’s digital landscape and the economy. She embarks on a journey with the aim of accelerating the Japanese Digital Transformation path with an innovative and exciting AI powered Enterprise Search platform.This case tracks Kensac’s start-up journey from the idea stage- the stage with the highest venture failure rate. The co-founders encounter a common start up challenges when they are struggle to secure clients or investors. Emma wonders how to proceed successfully: should they go back to the drawing board or persist with the current idea. Funds are limited, time is limited and she and her partners need to make strategic decisions about the business model, product features, target customers as well as whether to Go-to-Market or be part of the statistic?

Detailed information

Case ID 21-1170
Published 2021
Industry TELECOM & IT
Analyzed Area Entrepreneurship
Pages 24
Language English
Teaching Note Attached