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Tadano 2021

#Brand Equity #Core Competence #Growth Strategy


Tadano, a Japanese lifting equipment manufacturer with over 100 years of history, is at a turning point. After years of gradual but consistent global network expansion, Tadano has built trustful relationships with its local distributors and established a brand of quality with its stakeholders through word of mouth. However, Tadano began to undergo major organizational changes and face new challenges since it merged with one of its biggest competitors, the Germany based manufacturer Demag through acquisition from Terex Corporation of the U.S. The internal product lineup has become more complex both in terms of product category and technological sophistication. Externally, the global lifting equipment sector has become more competitive and saturated, with traditional powerhouse Liebherr expanding their influence through supply chain optimization, and emerging challengers such as Sany and Zoomlion from China competing with their innovative and cost-effective products. To signal the changes that will impact its customers and the industry, Tadano is prepared to refresh its branding strategy, to align and refocus on the three elements of the core value proposition: safety, quality, and efficiency. This case will examine and analyze Tadano’s strategy through its marketing activities, primarily the rebranding project “OneTadano”. The first part of the case will introduce Tadano’s history, products, past activities, recent challenges, and changes in the marketing industry, especially the changes towards digitalization. We will then explore the role of marketing in B2B business, such as Tadano’s brand equity, the correlation between branding and long-term growth, value creation, and digitalization impact on a conventional manufacturing industry.

Detailed information

Case ID 22-1175
Published 2022
Analyzed Area Marketing
Pages 28
Language English
Teaching Note Attached