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Seiichiro Iwasawa


Seiichiro Iwasawa


Prior to starting his academic career at NUCB Business School in 2011, Dr. Iwasawa worked at Nomura Research Institute Ltd. and Nomura Securities Co., Ltd, as securities strategist, quantitative analyst, and Japanese stock strategist. He completed MBA and doctoral programs while he was at Nomura, and received an MBA from Boston University, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University prior to which he received a bachelor's degree from the School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University. Dr. Iwasawa specializes in behavioral economics and finance.

Research Interests

Behavioral Economics, Behavioral Finance

Final Education

Ph.D., Harvard University

Academic Papers

  • Seiichiro Iwasawa (2018) Irrationality of Institutional Investors' Asset Allocation: Evidence from Japanese Stock Market. The JSRI Journal of Financial and Securities Markets (102) :1342-1476
  • Seiichiro Iwasawa (2017) Hot Money and Cross-Section of Stock Returns during the Global Financial Crisis. International Review of Economics and Finance 50 (July)


  • (2017) Under the grobal financial crisis Weakness of the action of foreign investor and stock in Japan. JSPS Primary Researcher

Book & Case Publishing

  • Seiichiro Iwasawa (2020) Behavioral Economics. Discover 21