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Hiroshi Ito


Hiroshi Ito


Dr. Ito received an M.A. from the Teachers College, Columbia University, a Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles, and an MBA from the Universite de Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne. He is fluent in Japanese, English, and Spanish, and is currently learning French. Before joining NUCB Business School in 2013, he worked as an associate expert for UNESCO in Paris, France. He also worked for UNICEF (the Philippines), JICA (Ecuador & Paraguay), an educational NGO (Guatemala), and an academic service company (USA). His research interests lie in pedagogy, educational assessment, environmental policy, and NPO marketing strategy.

Research Interests

Pedagogy, Educational Assessment, Environmental Policy, and NPO Marketing Strategy

Final Education

Ph.D., University of California

Academic Papers

  • Hiroshi Ito (2022) Boon or bane? Examining the impact of the Payatas sanitary landfill closure on former scavengers in the Philippines. Journal of Urban Affairs
  • Hiroshi Ito (2021) Why students participate in international fieldwork programs: An exploratory study. Journal of Geography in Higher Education
  • Hiroshi Ito (2021) Active learning in Japan: Breaking barriers at individual, institutional, and policy levels. Policy Futures in Education (Impact Factor 0.88)
  • Hiroshi Ito (2020) The demise of active learning even before its implementation? Instructors’ understandings and application of this approach within Japanese higher education. Education Inquiry :ISSN 2000-4508
  • Hiroshi Ito (2020) International fieldwork as skills development: An exploratory study. Journal of Geography in Higher Education
  • Hiroshi Ito (2020) Place-based environmental education to promote eco-initiatives: The case of Yokohama, Japan. Regional Studies, Regional Science
  • Hiroshi Ito (2020) Promoting an environmental education project: The eco-picture diary in Yokohama City, Japan. Environmental Education Reserach
  • Hiroshi Ito (2020) Instructors’ understanding, practices, and issues regarding the use of the case method in higher education. Further and Higher Education
  • Hiroshi Ito (2019) Expanding the prevailing behavioral model in a social marketing context: A case study of an eco-point system to promote eco-policies in Toyota City, Japan. Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing
  • Hiroshi Ito (2019) Strategies in Promoting Eco-policies: The Case of Toyama City, Japan. Asian Social Science 15 (5) :ISSN 1911-2017
  • Hiroshi Ito (2019) Analyzing Toyota City’s eco-policy through strategic marketing tools. Asian Social Science 15 (4) :1911-2025
  • Hiroshi Ito (2019) Analyses of citizens’ awareness, attitudes, and behaviors and promoting eco-policies in environmental model cities: The case of Toyota City. Ph. D. Dissertation / Doctoral Thesis for Nagoya University
  • Hiroshi Ito (2019) Assessing and promoting eco-policies in Toyota City, Japan. Policy Design and Practice
  • Hiroshi Ito (2018) Debt swaps for financing education: Exploration of new funding resources. Cogent Economics & Finance 6 (2) :2332-2039
  • Hiroshi Ito (2018) Assessing the impact of international fieldwork: The case of J. F. Oberlin University, Japan. Asian Social Science 14 (10) :1911-2017
  • Hiroshi Ito (2018) What does marketing mean to Japanese NPO managers?. Asian Social Science 14 (4) :1911-2017
  • Hiroshi Ito (2017) Are professional nonprofits more marketing oriented? Evidence from a survey of NPOs in Japan. Nonprofit Review 17 (2)
  • Hiroshi Ito (2017) The associations between socio-demographic factors and environmental knowledge in the city of Toyota, Japan. Applied Environmental Education & Communication 16 (4) :1533-0389
  • Hiroshi Ito (2017) Item response theory analysis of the Utrecht Work Engagement Scale for Students (UWES-S) using a sample of Japanese university and college students majoring medical science, nursing, and natural science. BMC Research Notes 10 :1756-0500
  • Hiroshi Ito (2017) Underlying Gaps between Environmental Knowledge and Behavior in the City of Toyota: Phase III. Asian Social Science 10 (5) :1911-2017
  • Hiroshi Ito (2017) The End of the ANC Era: An Analysis of Corruption and Inequality in South Africa. Journal of Politics and Law 10 (4) :1913-9047
  • Hiroshi Ito (2017) Balancing Historical Roots and Future Growth: China's Foreign Policy. Asian Social Science 13 (5) :1911-2025
  • Hiroshi Ito (2017) European Regional Inequalities: The Other Face of Development . International Journal of Economics and Finance 9 (4) :1916-9728
  • Hiroshi Ito (2017) Rethinking active learning in the context of Japanese higher education. Cogent Education
  • Hiroshi Ito (2017) Underlying gaps between environmental knowledge and behavior in the city of Toyota: Phase II. Asian Social Science 13 (3)


  • (2022) Assessing and promoting the environmental policies in SDGs Future Cities. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Primary Researcher
  • (2022) Assessing and promoting environmental policies in SDGs future cities. Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Primary Researcher
  • (2019) Assessment and promotion of citizens' recognition and behavior in relation to eco-city policies. JSPS Primary Researcher

Book & Case Publishing

  • Hiroshi Ito (2020) Conflict on a Trading Floor (A).
  • Hiroshi Ito (2020) Conflict on a Trading Floor (B).
  • Hiroshi Ito (2020) Jensen Shoes: Jane Kravitz's Story.
  • Hiroshi Ito (2020) Jensen Shoes: Lyndon Brooks' Story.
  • Hiroshi Ito (2020) Chris and Alison Weston (A).
  • Hiroshi Ito (2020) Chris and Alison Weston (B).
  • Hiroshi Ito (2020) Chris and Alison Weston (C)  .
  • Hiroshi Ito (2017) Working towards employment in international organizations. Sousei-sya