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Tomoaki Kaneko

Adjunct Professor

Tomoaki Kaneko


Professor Kaneko graduated from the University of Tokyo where he obtained a master's degree from the School of Engineering. After graduation, he engaged in planning and developing the information systems for Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. In 1996, he joined Price Waterhouse Consulting and later became a certified public accountant, opening his own accounting firm in 2000. Professor Kaneko became a licensed tax accountant in 2003 and established Brightman Wise Consulting in 2006 where he presently serves as CEO. As a specialist in the fields of accounting and IT, his role at PwC Consulting consisted of performing a wide range of consulting services in the fields of business process reform, constructing administrative accounting systems, IT strategy drafting, IT introduction support, construction of internal control, and international financial report standard (IFRS) correspondence. Professor Kaneko has carried out many consulting lectures and company training for organizations such as Nikkei Business School, Mizuho Research Institute, SMBC Consulting, and Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting and he serves as an executive member for Management Logic Inc. of which he was co-founder.

Research Interests


Final Education

M.E., The University of Tokyo

Awards & Honours

  • (2020) Teaching Award 2019, Business School. Kurimoto Educational Institute