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Kazuhiko Kato

Associate Dean

Kazuhiko Kato


Dr. Kazuhiko Kato served as a senior manager of a local subsidiary in Australia after engaging in the planning of a domestic sales strategy and establishing a new facility for DDI (currently KDDI), a venture company emerging amidst the liberalization of telecommunication. He received an MBA from Bond University, and an MA in International Studies from the University of Sydney. After returning to Japan, he held marketing positions in Silicon Valley IT companies. He received a Ph.D. in Commerce from Waseda University and was appointed full professor at NUCB Business School in 2016.

Research Interests

Strategic Management, International Business, Digital Transformation

Final Education

Ph.D., Waseda University

Awards & Honours

  • (2020) Excellence Awards in Japan Development Society. The Development Engineering Society of Japan
  • (2020) Research Encouragement Awards in Japan Development Engineering Society. The Development Engineering Society of Japan
  • (2020) Teaching Award 2018 . NUCB
  • (2016) Teaching Award 2014 / Nagoya Sangyou University. Nagoya Sangyou University

Academic Papers

  • Kazuhiko Kato (2021) Research on network effect promoting factors in platform strategy for creating movable estate ― Consideration from MaaS case of MONET Technologies Inc. ―. BMA Journal 21 (1) :2432-1850
  • Kazuhiko Kato (2020) “Movable Estate” creation strategy and issues in MaaS(Mobility as a Service) - An observation through a case of the alliance of Toyota Motor Corporation and Softbank Corp. -. The Development Engineering Society of Japan :1343-7623
  • Kazuhiko Kato (2020) Background of the automotive industry's smart city strategy and the merits and demerits of the WTA (Winner takes all) - Observations from Toyota's Woven City case study -. The Development Engineering Society of Japan :1343-7623
  • Kazuhiko Kato (2020) The Study of Chicken Egg Problem in Subspecies of Software Product: - The Perspective of Platform Envelopment Leveraging Developers -. Journal of Japan Society for Information and Management 46 :ISSN 18820271
  • Kazuhiko Kato (2018) Perspectives of consortium type business model in automotive OS - The study of Toyota-led AGL case -. BMA Journal Vol.18 (No.3) :2432-1850
  • Kazuhiko Kato (2018) A study of layer intervention platform products strategy regarding OTT(Over The Top) in TV program industry. Japan Association for Management Systems 35 (1) :09188282
  • Kazuhiko Kato (2017) A study of the arrogant behavior of adjacent dominant platform products and counterattacks by complementary providers ~The review of previous research and dominant blocking mechanism~. InfoCom REVIEW InfoCom Research, Inc. NTT Publishing (68) :ISSN 1341-0024

Book & Case Publishing

  • Kazuhiko Kato (2020) Radiohead: Music at Your Own Price (A).
  • Kazuhiko Kato (2020) Radiohead: Music at Your Own Price (B).
  • Kazuhiko Kato (2020) Zipcar: Influencing Customer Behavior.
  • Kazuhiko Kato (2020) Apple's Core.
  • Kazuhiko Kato (2020) The Jenner Situation.
  • Kazuhiko Kato (2020) Airbnb (A).
  • Kazuhiko Kato (2016) Platform Strategy in the IoT era-Leverage of Network effects-. Chuoukeizai-sha