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Nigel Denscombe


Nigel Denscombe


Professor Denscombe joined the NUCB Business School faculty in 2012, and was appointed as full professor in 2013. A Tokyo-based British-American, he is a truly globalized high value-added management professional with a 30-year successful track record of leading positive industry change and finding new value propositions. He created the Tokyo/New York firm, Denscombe Corporation, in 2001. Before shifting his focus to Asia, Professor Denscombe gained extensive management and business ownership experience in North America and Europe with a focus on financial services, new business development, innovating markets and new market entry, and corporate strategy, especially in the domain of restructuring. He received an MBA from Harvard Business School in 1977.

Research Interests

Business Plan, Strategic Management, Competing in Emerging Markets

Final Education

MBA, Harvard University