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Yasuhiro Ochiai

Visiting Professor

Yasuhiro Ochiai


Professor Yasuhiro Ochiai is an Associate Professor based at the School of Management and Information at Shizuoka University. He is a leading authority on Japanese family business, business succession, and successor entrepreneurship. Currently, he researches succession of Japanese family business from the perspectives of business strategy and business administration, and is responsible for business succession courses at NUCB Business School. Professor Ochiai also organizes a number of seminars for successors and consultants and served as Chief Director of the editorial board for the publication of the “White Paper on Family Business 2015”, the first publication of family business based on an experimental study in Japan. Professor Ochiai has received awards for his publications, namely in recognition for his main book, Successor’s Dilemma, for which he was awarded the Japan Academy of Family Business Best Book Award and the Japan Society for Applied Management Nato Award in 2017.

Research Interests

Family Business, Management Organization, Corporate Governance

Final Education

Ph.D., Kobe University

Awards & Honours

  • (2019) Teaching Award 2018, Business School. Kurimoto Educational Institute

Book & Case Publishing

  • Yasuhiro Ochiai (2019) Business Succession Management Studies-How are Businesses to Fosters Successors. Hakuto-Shobo